6 ways to improve your experience with the People app on Windows 10 Mobile

Remember when we told you that Gadgets app on Windows 10 Mobile deserved more attention? We feel the same about the built-in People app. It can be really useful if you spend some time playing with the app and its settings. We'll show you six ways that can improve your experience.

1. Add accounts

Populate the contacts list by adding your existing accounts. You can manually add your contacts or add your existing phone book.

  1. Open the People app on your phone
  2. Tap the three dots on the lower right corner, then tap Settings
  3. Tap add an account
  4. You can add your existing contacts from your phone book in Google, Outlook, iCloud, and more.

2. Filter contacts

The contacts list can get overwhelming if you've added several accounts to your phone. What if you've added your work and personal email accounts, but don't want to see your co-workers from in the contacts list? The good news is that you can filter who appears on the list.

From the contacts list, tap the link that says Showing some contacts. You can hide contacts without phone numbers, so the list only shows people you can call or text. Everyone is still searchable, even those who are filtered out. You can also filter out contacts from some of your accounts. They'll still be searchable when you send emails, but you can hide them from the People app's contact list.

3. Install social apps

When you swipe left from the Contacts section, you'll see the What's new section. This gets populated from social apps. We've installed Facebook (Beta) and Twitter, and see content here from friends. Tap the link on top of the screen to filter what you see here. We think more social apps will be supported since Microsoft has a "Get social apps" button in the settings within the People app. It currently goes to a blank page in the Windows Store.

To make sure the link between the People hub and these apps exist, double check the settings on those social apps. For example, you can find it in the Twitter app by going to the app's settings > General > People hub. On the Facebook Beta app, you can find it in settings > Connect Facebook with Windows.

4. Merge contacts

Now that you've added your phone, email, and social accounts, we recommend merging accounts that belong to the same people. This makes sure you get all their contact information in one page. Swiping left on the contact page will display What's New, showing updates from their social networks like Facebook or Twitter. To link contacts, tap the Link button under their details. Tap Choose a contact to link then select from the list.

5. Create groups

If you frequently need to contact a group of people at the same time via email, text, or chat, then you should create a group. Currently, you can create a GroupMe or Windows group. The easiest one to set up is the Windows Group. You simply name the group then add people from your contacts list. For example, I've added my brother and sister to a group, so I can easily send them a text message at the same time.


The GroupMe integration in the People app is a little more advanced. It requires you to install the GroupMe app. Your group can have an avatar, you can send images, existing members can add other members to the group, and the app is also available on Android and iOS. It uses data, so people without unlimited SMS messaging might like to use GroupMe instead. Your GroupMe groups will appear in the People hub, but tapping them forwards you to the app. For example, I use GroupMe with my basketball buddies to plan pickup games.

Download GroupMe from the Windows Store (free)

6. Find people faster

Use the search form on top to find your contact faster. You can also tap the letters to jump through the list faster. Another option is to pin Contacts to the Start screen. Just tap and hold the contact from the list and then select Pin to Start. The live tile has an interesting animation, too. The contact's avatar rotates as their name slides up the tile.

More tips

Will you be using the People app more often after learning these tips? Do you have other tips or requests that can improve our experience with the People hub on Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!


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Mark Guim

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