App Update Roundup: 6tag security fix for hashtags, Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph removes 512 MB support

Another week, another 6tag update for Instagram lovers. Scratch that, as this is the third update to the app in just four days. Not too shabby.

Likewise, Disney’s Wreck it Ralph gets an update as well, but unfortunately, it’s bad news for Lumia 520 owners and others with 512 MB devices. And finally, the long-awaited Pouch update rolls on out for Pocket users.

It's all here in this morning's app update roundup. Read on for the details.


Hot on the heels of the big 3.0 update that arrived on December 23 is the second ‘bug fix and tweaking’ patch from developer Rudy Huyn. Seeing as this is a 0.0.1 update, you can imagine that this doesn’t really bring any new features, but instead improves the user experience. Here’s what is new:

  • Adds new hashtag security, help you to be popular

According to Huyn, version 3.0 of 6tag uses the new internal API from Instagram and this update “adds the new hashtag security”, which in theory means that many more of you should be able to use hashtags on your ‘grams.

Hashtags are important for image discovery by others, and they can help raise the number of your followers as people become aware of your, ahem, artistic contributions.

New to hashtags? Check out Mark’s guide on using third-party app Tagram to help manage and utilize hashtags on Instagram.

Pick up 6tag version here in the Store. Let us know if you see any difference with your hashtags.

QR: 6tag

Wreck-it Ralph

Arriving in September, Wreck-it Ralph was one of many Disney games to grace Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1. Evidently, Disney and Microsoft have some cozy deal going on, because nearly every week we’re seeing new releases from the entertainment juggernaut.

The game Wreck-it Ralph, based off of the hit movie, received a rare update bumping it to version Like 6tag above, that minor number increases means bug fixes and tweaking. Unfortunately, one of those tweaks reportedly removed 512 MB support for lower-end hardware.

That’s especially bad if you’re already running it on your Lumia 520/521 and update the game, as it means you can no longer play it. Indeed, we verified that the game won’t install on a 512 MB device (to be honest, we forgot to even mention 512 MB in the original release).

We’re not sure if that’s an oversight by Disney or on purpose due to poor performance. Regardless, if you paid for the game (99 cents), you may want to try and get a refund.

You can find Wreck-it Ralph here in the Store.

QR: wreck it

Pouch 2.3.2

Pouch is one of our favorite Pocket readers for Windows Phone. It’s an outstanding app and it just keeps getting better with each and every update.

Yesterday (and today for some), version 2.3.2 has arrived. We reported on it earlier, but due to delays, it was late on showing up. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed some issues with certain articles causing Pouch to crash
  • Added support for PocketWP, a standardized Pocket URI scheme
  • Themes (Black, Dark, and Light) now throughout app
  • Fixed problems with poor internet connections
  • Added new article-reading URI scheme
  • Better offline performance
  • Better loading performance
  • Bug fixes

That support for PocketWP is the same URI scheme that our updated app uses too. Coincidence? Of course not as Pouch and the WPCentral app will remain co-functioning. The rest are nice little tweaks for the read-it-later app, making in a must-have in our opinion.

If you’re new to Pocket (, you should really check it out. By using browser plugins or in-app support (like ours), you can bookmark and sync articles for later reading. It’s similar to what Microsoft is doing with the Reading app in Windows 8.1, but it is universally used and supported.

Pick up the newly revamped Pouch app for Windows Phone 8, version 2.3.2 here in the Store.

QR: pouch

Thanks, Mohamed A. and nsa74, for the tips!

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