Pouch improves offline performance and more in latest update

Pocket is one of our favorite services out there. It allows you to save web pages or articles to your Pocket queue. After saving it an article to Pocket you can read it on any Pocket app you want across all your devices. Windows Phone doesn’t have an official Pocket app yet, but we do have stellar third-party options. Pouch is one of those options and it was just updated, let’s check out what’s new in this latest version.

The last update for Pouch we covered happened in late-August. It was notable for bringing a new UI, theme color options, improving performance, new Lock screen settings, and much more. There’s a new version of Pouch (v2.3.2) rolling out in the Windows Phone Store that will feature the following:

  • Fixed some issues with certain articles causing Pouch to crash
  • Added support for PocketWP, a standardized Pocket URI scheme
  • Themes (Black, Dark, and Light) now persist throughout the entire app. (Instead of just the reading page as in the last version)
  • Fixed problems with poor internet connections
  • Added new article-reading Uri scheme
  • Better offline performance
  • Better loading performance
  • Changed reading page UI
  • Bug fixes

Pouch Windows Phone SC

We’re not seeing the update yet and you might not either. The Windows Phone Store appears to be moving a little slow today, but do check for v2.3.2 of Pouch throughout the day. When we do get the update we’ll be pretty excited to try out the new themes and look forward to improvements in both offline and loading performance.

Look for the new version of Pouch in the Windows Phone Store today. It has a trial that lets you use the app ten times, after that you’ll need to buy it for $0.99. Don’t forget you can use the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app to get it.

QR: Pouch

  • Rumor has it we may do a contest to give the Pouch app a new logo...stay tuned!
  • Awesome!
  • Where can I buy that kind of hard case? What do you call that hard case he is using in his lumia white?
  • That's the wireless charging shell for the Lumia 1020
  • Great! So Joshua is the first to release an update with PocketWP <3 :-)
  • Seems like it's making me repurchase...
  • Ugh! I'm sorry about that! I had that recently with MyTube as well. I had to buy it again. It'll probably be a pain, but you can try to get Microsoft to fix that for you. This situation gives me an idea for a future update . . .
  • Why is it a beta now? Anyone having a clue?
  • That's my bad. I forgot to remove the "Beta" from the app name before I submitted it. I already submitted another update that will fix that. Sorry. :(
  • Nice!
  • So we need to use the javascript bookmarked in the browser favourite whenever need to pocket a page, instead of sharing the page directly to Pouch? No thanks. I guess is got to do with the restrictions of WP8 OS again for doing these kind of hideous way. When will we WP users able to enjoy good way of sharing stuffs like Android I wonder....
  • I agree. It's not the way I would want to do it, but until Microsoft allows us to share stuff other than images between apps, it's the best option.
  • I bet MS is preparing an OS wide sharing functionality for WP8.1, similarly to the one used in Win8. Would be great ...
  • It's the same way on iOS. As long as MS doesn't allow other ways, that's our only way and I'm glad there are good looking/working 3rd party apps like Pouch.
  • i use "Reading List" on Windows 8, if they could just bring that to WP8 then it would be perfect!
  • Reading List is nice, but like you said, it doesn't sync to Windows Phone, nor does it have offline reading.
  • Love this app, and the W8 version.