$75 off ATT coupon works with the Samsung Focus S and Flash

If you're considering whether or not you should upgrade to the Samsung Focus S or Focus Flash (opens in new tab), then perhaps a further $75 being subtracted from the total cost (on AT&T) could sway your mind? Over at TechBargains, they have a $75 off coupon code, which can be used when checking out for the new Samsung Windows Phone handsets (or any other phone/accessory). One reader, Ahmed, has informed us that the coupon works for the new Focus S and Flash on top of the free overnight shipping and waived activation fee. His out-the-door total cost for the Focus S was $133.74. Not bad!

The coupon will expire at the end of this month, November 30th, so there's plenty of time to decide. You can also check out our first impressions of the Focus S and Focus Flash (opens in new tab).

Source: TechBargains (opens in new tab), thanks Ahmed for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • F*CK
  • lol ^
  • I don't see a link to this and tried going to techbargains as well with no luck in finding it...
  • Not very helpful to those only halfway through their 2yr contract after having upgraded to, say, the original Focus.
  • HTC HD7S launch date for me =/
  • Useless for those on a FamilyTalk plan...
  • I couldn't get this to work... after clicking on the coupon activation, logging in, and adding a Samsung Fucus S to my cart, the discount didn't show up. I am an existing customer, with a 200MB data plan, and my contract is up. I also have a corporate sponsorship, although I don't see how that would effect the offer.
  • Wait a few months and they'll both be on Amazonwireless for a penny.
  • I am eligible for upgrade and clicked on the Smartphone category which took me straight to an iPhone 4 or 4S with no other choices offered. I went back in and choose Samsung instead of just the Smartphone category and the Focus showed up but no discount was put in the cart. I still have the old unlimited data plan and it did require me to choose a new data plan with only the 2GB plan as an option. Lots of weirdness on the ATT site with this one. Looks like they plan on finally killing the unlimited data set.
  • Nope, we're not killing the unlimited data feature. I'm not sure why the site is trying to get you to switch to the 2GB option. When we perform upgrades in store, our computers are set to keep the unlimited data plan unless the user specifies otherwise.
  • I got my Quantum from Amazonwireless and they kept my unlimited data, too.
  • New 2 yr contract required. Won't work for no-contract price. Bummer.
  • You know what's better than $75 off...$100 off. Even better than that (when buying phones for a 2-line plan as I am)? 50% off.
  • kevm... mind sharing? Would buy if I could get that.
  • Sure. I found them here, along with the new $75 coupon.Hopefully they don't get all used up before I go to place my order, though I am not sure how that is controlled.http://www.retailmenot.com/view/att.com
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