FlexiSpot BS12 Pro review: This ergonomic office chair is SO adjustable

A stylish, comfortable ergonomic office chair for the workplace or home office.

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro
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This chair is very customizable and adjustable to fit your specific body type. You really can dial in every element of this chair to fit your needs, whether that be backrest height, seat tilt, armrest angle, and more.


  • +

    Contemporary design

  • +

    Very adjustable

  • +

    Easy to access controls


  • -

    Unapologetically plastic

  • -

    Headrest feels cheap

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I've tested countless FlexiSpot chairs over the last few years, and the BS12 Pro is the latest in FlexiSpot's line of ergonomic office chairs. It attempts to build upon the great BS11 Pro, with more adjustable features, redesigned controls, and a simplified, contemporary design.

Do these improvements add up to be a better chair than the original? I've been using the FlexiSpot BS12 Pro for the month, and this is my review. 

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro | was £429 now £369 at FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro | was £429 now £369 at FlexiSpot

This chair is very customizable and adjustable to fit your specific body type. You really can dial in every element of this chair to fit your needs, whether that be backrest height, seat tilt, armrest angle, and more.

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro: Price & availability

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro's contemporary design. (Image credit: Windows Central)
FlexiSpot BS12 Pro

- Price: £429
- Materials:
Polyester + Plastic
- Max Load: 250kg
- Seat Size: 49Lx51W cm
- Height Adjust: 103.5-112cm
- Tilt: 90°-135°
- Colors: Black, Grey

The FlexiSpot BS12 Pro can be purchased directly from FlexiSpot in the UK for £429. Curiously, FlexiSpot doesn't appear to sell this model on its US website, at least not yet. We'll update this review with a link to FlexiSpot in the United States should they begin selling it. The chair is available in two colors, either black or grey. 

Our review unit is of the black model, which we think looks great. However, it does show dust, lint, and hair much more easily. So if you want to hide that stuff, be sure to get the grey model. 

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro: Setup & features

The controls are rather unique.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The unboxing and setup process for the FlexiSpot BS12 Pro is very similar to FlexiSpot's other chairs. It comes in a large cardboard box with all the parts wrapped in foam for protection. The box size measured 78.7 x 68.6 x 43.2cm, so you might need a second person to help you move it into the area where you plan to unbox and put the chair together.

Putting the chair together is a very easy process, only requiring a second person to help align the seat with the legs once everything is assembled, as the chair is relatively heavy. Unlike other FlexiSpot chairs, this one came with the height control mechanisms already installed on the underside of the chair, which means I didn't need to spend 5 minutes bolting them together like I do normally.

The only parts of the chair that you need to assemble to the chair yourself are the backrest, arms, and legs. These are secured with bolts and washers, which are all provided in box along with a hex tool to tighten them.

Once the chair is assembled, you'll be able to start using its features, which consist of height adjust, armrest adjust, seat adjust, lumbar adjust, and headrest adjust. Unlike other chairs, however, all of this is controlled with a small plastic control panel that's located on the right side of the chair.

The control panel consists of three switches, which when flipped down lock each configurable component in place. When flipped up, these unlock the ability to adjust chair height, back tilt, and seat depth. The other adjustable areas of the chair are done manually by hand, and aren't locked in place with this control panel.

I much prefer this design over the more traditional "lever" on the underside of the chair. With this design, you can see the height adjust lock mechanism from your seated position, without needing to lean over and under the chair to find the lever. 

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro: Design & comfort

The seat is large but shallow in depth, providing a firm feel.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The BS12 Pro is FlexiSpot's latest ergonomic chair, and features an updated design that's supposed to be more comfortable. FlexiSpot headlines the chair as a multifunctional adjustable one with upgraded fabrics. Let's start with the fabric, which I do think is an improvement over the BS11 Pro. 

FlexiSpot calls this new fabric "Wintex Mesh," which is apparently from Korea. It's a breathable material which means it reduces sweat build up in humid environments. As I'm testing this chair in the United Kingdom in the winter, I haven't really been able to test this. But based on how it feels, it does feel breathable and less "skin hugging." 

The chair also has built-in lumbar support, which is a lot more effective than it was on the BS11 Pro. On the older chair, I complained that the lumbar support wasn't strong enough for my back, but here on the BS12 Pro, it's mucn more pronounced, which I prefer. That said, it's still not as pronounced as I'd like it to be. 

The lumbar support is height adjustable.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

The lumbar support is adjustable in height, which is good. This means you can raise it or lower it by a few inches to position it in an optimal place on your back. For me, I like to have the lumbar support really low down on my back, but others might prefer having it a little higher. This chair gives you the option to choose.

Overall, I find this char to be reasonably comfortable for the price. I will say the actual thickness of the seat is a little on the shallow side, which gives it a much firmer feel compared to the BS11 Pro and other ergonomic chairs I've tested. As a result, over time you may feel slightly fatigued. This will only be a problem if you sit for long hours however (and you should find the time to stand for a while if you do.

I'll also say the adjustable headrest feels especially cheap. It's attached to a thin bit of plastic that you can force up and down to adjust it, but it honestly feels like and afterthought compared to the rest of the chair. The chair is unapologetically plastic, with no "premium" materials outside of the fabric used for the seat and back. 

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro: Competition

The BS11 Pro is a great contender. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The ergonomic office chair market is full of excellent (and not so excellent) products from all kinds of companies. SIHOO itself has a number of other chairs in this field, including the M90C which is very similar to the FlexiSpot BS12 Pro in features, but has a less curved design, and further recline to 130 degrees. You can find the M90C for roughly the same price as the BS12 Pro, so this ultimately comes down to which design you like more.

Alternatively, FlexiSpot has a number of ergonomic office chairs that compete with the BS12 Pro. There's the BS11 Pro, which I reviewed and came away very impressed. It's the predecessor to this chair, featuring similar breathable mesh materials, but once again with a less curved design more fitting for an executive suite. 

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro: Should you buy

The headrest looks great, but feels a little cheap. (Image credit: Windows Central)

You should buy this if …

  • You're looking for a contemporary office chair.
  • You need a chair that you can adjust to meet your specific needs and body type.
  • You don't want to break the bank.

You should not buy this if …

  • You're looking for a premium high-end office chair.
  • You need significant lumbar support. 

Overall, I like the FlexiSpot BS12 Pro. It might not be the best office chair in the world, but it's a great choice for those looking for a "midrange" ergonomic chair that's very customizable and adjustable to fit your specific body type. You really can dial in every element of this chair to fit your needs, whether that be backrest height, seat tilt, armrest angle, and more.

With that said, there are some weak points with this chair. It does feel quite cheap compared to the BS11 Pro, especially the headrest which has basically no padding and feels like an afterthought. I also wish the lumbar support was stronger, as although you can adjust its hight, you can't adjust how much it protrudes out. 

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro | £369.99 (UK)

FlexiSpot BS12 Pro | £369.99 (UK)

This chair is very customizable and adjustable to fit your specific body type. You really can dial in every element of this chair to fit your needs, whether that be backrest height, seat tilt, armrest angle, and more.

See at: FlexiSpot UK

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