Two new Yeti microphones and a light bar join the Logitech G accessories lineup

A streamer playing fortnite in a purple room. A logitech orb microphone and lite bar can be seen connected to the PC.
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What you need to know

  • Logitech has announced 2 new Yeti microphones and a light bar under its gaming brand, Logitech G.
  • The Logitech G Yeti Orb is the successor to the Blue Yeti Snowball, featuring a round condenser microphone with RGB suitable for USB plug and play functionality for $60.
  • The Logitech G Yeti GX is a dynamic USB plug and play with RGB accenting for $150.
  • The Logitech G Litra Beam LX is a dual sided light bar with RGB on the back and an adjustable streaming key light on the front for $150.

Streamers are getting new options for key lighting and audio recording hardware to add to their set-ups, this time from Logitech. The new accessories include the Yeti Orb and the Yeti GX microphones, as well as the Litra LX light bar, all of which are branded under Logitech's gaming segment, Logitech G.

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Logitech acquired Blue, the manufacturer of the popular Yeti and Snowball lines of microphones often used by content creators and live streamers, in 2018 as part of a $117 million all-cash purchase. In early 2023 Logitech announced it would be retiring the Blue branding for accessories. The 2 new Logitech G Yeti microphones are the first to come to market from Logitech's gaming division.

The Logitech G Yeti GX is the first of the new additions and is a refresh of the popular Blue Yeti style microphone. Logitech G has reworked the microphone to be purpose built for live-streaming audio capture. It is a dynamic end address microphone, which is a change up from the previous Yeti microphones. 

Logitech G has added a supercardioid pickup pattern to give the Yeti GX a polished, broadcast-style sound that hones in on the player's speech while ignoring background audio like keyboard clicks. The sound rejection is handled natively, allowing you to have clear audio without complicated mic processing software or expensive add on equipment. The Yeti GX retails for $150.

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The second microphone launching under Logitech G is the Yeti Orb, a successor to the Blue Yeti Snowball microphone. At its $60 price point, the Yeti Orb is a budget-friendly "my first microphone" alternative for content creators who are just looking to get started but still want crystal-clear audio. The Orb is a condenser microphone and is plug-and-play compatible. It is already connected to the stand out-of-the-box, giving the user as few barriers to getting started as possible.

Both the Yeti Orb and the Yeti GX feature addressable RGB lighting that can be controlled in Logitech's G Hub software. The devices can also benefit from Blue Vo!ce technology, which provides users with noise gating, gain control, equalizers, and other audio effect controls via software.

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Logitech G has also added a brand-new light bar to its gaming accessory lineup. The Litra Beam LX is a refresh of Logitech G's previously released Litra Beam light bar, this time with dual-sided lighting features. The light bar offers a slim profile, making it suitable for fitting into nearly any type of setup without issue. It can even be used for cinematic lighting effects or paired with additional bars for butterfly lighting.

One side of the Litra Beam LX features traditional Litra technology, including adjustable color temperature that is safe for all-day gaming and streaming. It is paired with an RGB side for accent lighting or use as a colored spotlight. The Logitech Litra Beam LX can also be used with Logitech G Hub software, and you can add it to your stream setup for $150.

Logitech has been on an acquisition spree over the last few years to bolster its catalog of streaming accessories under the Logitech G umbrella, including Elgato's stream deck competitor, Loupedeck, and streaming software from Streamlabs

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