ACGAM P09 LED-lit mousepad review: An affordable new friend for your mouse

Mousepads are important accessories, and they provide the mouse with a smooth surface.


This is paramount to a good experience and key for maintaining a high level of pointer accuracy. Here are our thoughts on the ACGAM P09 mousepad.

What you'll like about the ACGAM P09

At just $26.99, it's easy to think of the P09 as merely a cheap mousepad, but it's not. You get RGB LED lighting around the edges and on the logo that can all be turned off if you're not the biggest fan of creating a light show in the office. There's a capacitive button near the top of the mousepad that switches between the lighting modes, including solid colors and a rainbow effect.

The surface of the P09 is solid, making it ideal to use with laser and optical mice. Pairing up this mousepad with a Razer Hex or SteelSeries Rival 710 makes for quite the pleasant experience, which is a surprise since upon first unboxing it was one of the areas I thought could be an issue. Playing games, browsing websites and using apps on Windows 10, I encountered no pointer-related problems.

The rubber feet underneath also prevent the P09 from sliding around in use, which is a nice touch. The best part of the P09 — especially if you're already looking at RGB-lit mousepads — is the price. It's easily half the price of similar products from larger brands, making this an enticing option to save money.

What you'll dislike about the ACGAM P09

One of the major gripes I have with the P09 is the surface itself. It's not swappable. This means when the surface wears out, or you damage it somehow, you're going to have to replace the unit altogether. Something like the SteelSeries QcK allows you to swap between two different surface types and can be removed altogether. It's something I'd like to have seen added, but at this price point, it can be overlooked.

There's also the issue with two visible screws on the top plate that attach it to the mousepad. Again, this is nothing major, but if you prefer a clean setup this could sway your decision.

Bottom line on ACGAM P09

The ACGAM P09 is an affordable mousepad that is well worth considering, if you absolutely must have LED lighting. There are only a few flaws with it, namely parts of the build (including exposed screws) but there are excellent positives, including the important surface of the mousepad.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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