Achieve home automation with Home Control for Windows Phone

We previously covered Julien Schapmen, of Touch Xperience (opens in new tab), who produced a homebrew solution for Windows Phone owners who desire to use their mobile phone to achieve home automation. From changing the channel on your television, to altering the colour of your LED room lights, the hack was pretty cool, but hadn't reached the Marketplace for the average user to download. 

We can now turn our heads to an unofficial Switch King client for Windows Phone - Home Control. To be able to use the app, you'll need a Switch King server and Telldus Live service set up. There's a free trial available that allows full functionality for up to five (5) devices. To attach more home devices, you'll need to fork out $2.49 (£1.99).

Check out the video after the break for an app demonstration (as well as some funky music), and download Home Control from the Marketplace.

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  • Switch King is mostly used in Sweden, but it would be interesting to hear from users from other countries, especially if you have tried my app.
    Note that the Youtube-video doesn't match the new design, provided by Yanko Andreev. Also, if you don't have a Switch King server you can connect to Switch King's demo environment to try it out before you invest in any hardware.
  • What is the US equivalent of the services needed to use this?
  • You need an installation of Switch King Server (free for up to five devices). More information can be found on
    You also need a device called Tellstick from Telldus ( that you attach to a computer running Switch King. This is used to send commands to your various devices. And then you need one or more devices to control, a list of compatible device manufacturers can be found at I'm not sure, but these devices should work in the US, the most common ones just plugs into a wall socket but there are a wide range of devices such as smoke detectors, light sensors, movement sensors, dimmers...
    It's like electrical lego, you can put up a movement sensor and either make it send a signal to a lamp or a door bell or you can make it send the information to Switch King Server and make rules for what should happen based on the input.  You can also attach external data sources or a weather station and make schedules for your devices based on the input.
    Switch King Server is used to set up schedules and scenarios, for example: turn on the lights 30 minutes after sun set, dim the living room to 70% at 20:00, turn on the car heater at 07:00 when it is colder than -5 Celsius on a weekday and so on. The real intelligence is in Switch King Server, my app is just using the public REST api to send control signals to it.
  • For UK users, there's now a LightwaveRF solution in the appstore called "Home Remote RF" - this blog article talks about what you need:
    The good thing is you don't need a PC switched on as it has it's own hub device that plugs directly into your router.