The AdDuplex Special Challenge of August winner of a Lumia 1520 is…

Over the month of August, WPCentral and AdDuplex teamed up for a Lumia 1520 giveaway contest. The entry simply involved users Tweeting a screenshot of their Start screen with the WPCentral app pinned and the hashtag #AdDuplexWPC.

The contest was open worldwide, and one lucky person was walking away with a brand new Lumia 1520 for about 30 seconds of "work."

AdDuplex ( has finally picked a winner based on the avalanche of screenshots posted to Twitter. The lucky person, according to the AdDuplex blog is Chintan K. Urmaliya ! So a big congratulations from AdDuplex and WPCentral for your win.

New developer September challenge

Now that August is over, AdDuplex is turning their eye to September, and they have a new developer focused contest to kick off. This time, the winner can pick from a Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 or HTC One (M8) (considering territorial accessibility). To enter, you must have an app on the Store with the following requirements:

"You should publish your app through AdDuplex cross-promotion network to promote it for free to become a winner of this month's challenge and your app must comply with some simple requirements. We will pick a winner from those published applications that have at least 100 reviews and average rating of 3.5* or more in the Store."

Additionally, AdDuplex is also giving away a Prestigio MultiPhones 8400 DUO and 8500 DUO to some lucky AdDuplex users to sweeten the deal.

So, developers, head to the AdDuplex blog to learn more and get those apps in the Store!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Congrats!
  • Really?? I didn't win? I'll file for appeal
  • Same here.
  • Because I'm not developer I'm waiting for another WPCentral Hidden Gems contest.
  • F*** why don't I win?
  • Why Daniel Why you keep doing this to me.....You Know how much I loved you.....Yes its over now....Good Bye....Loved you ever.....
  • Why you Gay? >.
  • Dan didn't decide the AdDuplex's Contest winner!!
  • Exactly. It's in the article. "The winner according to the AdDuplex blog...."
  • Out of all the money China has, a Chinese had to enter...
  • Think that is an Indian name..
  • What a ridiculously ignorant comment, on so many levels.
  • Not sure if this person exists
  • Hahaha lol
  • I also don't think so
  • Ya really
  • Apparently he does exist.! his twitter account is there.
  • I didn't found his twitter ac.
  • Congrats to the winner!!
  • congo dude
  • Congratulation to the Winner!
  • It reminds me chinta ta chita chita chinta ta ta .... Akshay Kumar movie song
  • Congrats... And all the best to every developers for nxt...
  • i never win from wpcentral or any of it's contest .    i really love MICROSOFT ( NOKIA ) MOBILE oly products     but i don't understand why my luck never works from winning a windows phone from you 
  • Akash, don't be disheartened there were about 100,000 like u who did not win.
  • Thanks a lot
  • Remember Gautam and Imran winning the NL 930 in the Hidden Gems Contest?? Imran got the box without the phone in it and Gautam hasn't received it yet!!
  • Srsly .!! Box without phone :/
  • Yup!!
  • For some time i thought Umang !!!!
  • Name sounds indian. Congrats chintan ;)
  • What does avalanche mean?
  • Wow, congrats :)
  • Congrats! You're one super lucky dude!
  • My 920 is acting up, i could have used this one!  LOL
  • Grats!
  • Oh. Bye, i wanna cry in the corner
  • Is that guy an Indian....Wow
  • Bullocks, this is so unfair, we should riot, file a lawsuit, start a petition, ask the White House to get involved, storm the WPCentral Offices and demand "our Money Back.
    Now who's with me??
    Contact me at
  • Yeah Who is the man....
  • Damn.. Again? Where is my fat ass lady luck goes? Hahaha..
  • Congratulations buddy. I never win anythin :/
  • Wow,congrats bro. But if you didn't want it you always can give it to me
  • Congrats! Man I really thought that I was going to, well maybe next time
  • :'(... I dint win... Not gonna paricipate anymore.. If I'm not going to win then what's the use..
  • this is bullshit why didn't they also post the winner's screenshot :|
  • They did. Check the blog.
  • No matter I win or not, I am happy that I am participating in these and I know for sure that I will win one day!
  • disappointed :(
  • Link for the winning ss pls??? Wanna take a look.. Can't find.. :'(
  • check out
  • I'll never win these drawings because I don't do twitter. But congrats
  • Chinta ta chita chita chinta ta ta
  • Thank a lot AdDuplex and WPCentral for the prize. The announcement can also be found at along with the Screenshot.
  • Congratulations bro! Well.. Just out of curiosity, what phone do you use currently?
  • Thanks. I use Lumia 720.
  • And thanks a lot friends of WPCentral.
  • I'd eat this phone. I feel like it'll turn my tongue green. Congrats to the winner!
  • It would be great, if you can update the post with the screenshot here itself. 
  • I'm not a developer :\
  • I dont think they went through each and every screen shot theyjust randomly picked a contest like that just forget abt winning
  • Aaach...i was almost sure that the subtle meaning of having cortana in the background of my start screen waiting for the real functionality would guarantee me the sad. Especially because my 1520 has the glass broken!
  • Ok what did the winning screen look like?
  • Formal protest.
  • Stop whining people -_-
  • Congrats!!!
  • Congrats. I never win anything. But I'll keep trying my luck. Never say never.
  • Lol.... People are crying like hell.... They don't have millions of 1520 to give away... And congrats to the winner which seems bhartiya.
  • Wpcentral... Please share the winning post
  • Ok... Got it on the blog...
  • Shame! Not because I didn't won! But because of me being crazy for Windows Phone. When the contest was announced, it was written that "We are talking moments of your time, so go for it!" and then I give all the possible moments to this contest. 6k+ tweets with #adduplexWPC contest and the winner is someone who had just 2 tweets? WTF!? Yes, I am an idiot to tweet more than 6k times but I was misguided by the description of the contest. Anyways, Chintan bhai... khub khub abhinandan :)
  • Thanks Vivek
  • The winner was picked up at random.. He had tweeted only twice and that too only for the contest!!  
  • Windows phone is improving very better day by day. Like to have windows 730 or 830. 830 has a preview camera which is the best one....