Age of Empires: Castle Siege beefs up Henry V with update

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is making some changes to its version of Henry V, so he is a bigger threat in the action-strategy game. It's part of the 1.10 update that's now available for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. gamers.

Microsoft explains the changes to Henry V in its latest Age of Empires blog post, stating. "Henry's new theme is wreaking chaos from distance. We're going to give him some basic stat increases so he is more of a threat on his own (i.e. harassing resources, taking out enemy troops, and staying out of the line of fire). We're going to add more utility to his Ability by having a lasting effect on any structures that have been targeted. Lastly, he should be easier to use, as we are doubling the casting range of his ability."

  • Henry's Disable casting range increased by 100%
  • After the duration of Disable expires, the targeted tower's attack rate is reduced by half for the rest of the battle
  • Henry's attack range increased by 12.5%
  • Increased Henry's damage by 25%
  • Henry will prioritize wall troops over other targets that are within his attack range

Here's what else is included with the 1.10 update:

  • Relief Force Donations tab added to Alliance Messaging
  • Peace Treaties now also protect from revenge attacks
  • Rurik has developed Sword Mastery which dispatches any wall troop in a single blow
  • The duration of the Terrorize ability has increased
  • Winrich will deal bonus damage against Grenadiers
  • Defensive Grenadiers speed has been reduced and they no longer deal bonus damage against Teutonic Knights
  • Engineers are now easier to select
  • Laddermen will go over walls more quickly and take less damage while doing so
  • Laddermen will dispatch ranged wall units in a single blow
  • Crossbowmen and catapults now deal bonus damage against Grenadiers
  • Defensive units will use breaches and gates more often
  • Muted alliance members will stay muted until the next launch of the app
  • Rurik now prioritize towers over non-threatening structures
  • Guard House troops that have been Converted by Joan no longer prevent further troop deployment

Thanks to Cleon for the tip!

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Source: Microsoft

  • Downloaded last night.. Looking for an active alliance..
  • I was an addictive player and later I got bored.. Did they include any kind of clan war thing?
  • No, not in the change log.
  • I got bored with the game too. It started off rather interesting, but quickly got repetitive and annoying to wait for things to build / complete. The action-strategy genre is quite the misnomer - action is only in small bursts with long periods of waiting. I'd much rather AoE return to being a true RTS - so much more rewarding.
  • Same here
  • You forget, it's only waiting if you don't wnna spend money. All you gotta do is spend money and you'll have consistent action! WOO! /sarcasm Its sad but true what I wrote above, I do still like the game, but now I play it almost like an open world, creating my own quests and goals, and sacrifice my rank to attain these, jumping in once or twice a day. Believe me, I think of these kinds of games like Demon's Souls. Once you realize that having your health halved is equal to base values, then the game doesn't seem so difficult. Here, once one realizes that wait will be coming and coming soon, you know the first day's like a tut, and everything after that is .... what it is. Makes sloshuing through it more managable, and some message is still sent, as I spend no cash... but I do ponder about the whales that do....
  • Yeah, it's a decent game but the pace is just way too slow: it takes months upon months of logging in daily just to collect resources to upgrade. They really need to tweak that. And, as always, the IAP are way too overpriced.
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  • I used that as part of the strategy...I'd keep the troops alive for longer because it was like putting a stall on the Guard House.  This will change my strategy a little... but not crazy. So happy to hear they made the Def units smarter about using Gates.  I have specifically placed gates (using 3 spare road) in extra spots to give them room, but they still always seemed to ignore them!
  • Can't find the update on Windows 10 Mobile TP. 1.9 is still the latest version.
  • Windows Mobile doesn't see a lot of updates. It's still on the old version of Health too.
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  • peace treaties now also protect from revenge attacks, idonteven
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