Age of Empires: Castle Siege beefs up Henry V with update

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is making some changes to its version of Henry V, so he is a bigger threat in the action-strategy game. It's part of the 1.10 update that's now available for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. gamers.

Microsoft explains the changes to Henry V in its latest Age of Empires blog post, stating. "Henry's new theme is wreaking chaos from distance. We're going to give him some basic stat increases so he is more of a threat on his own (i.e. harassing resources, taking out enemy troops, and staying out of the line of fire). We're going to add more utility to his Ability by having a lasting effect on any structures that have been targeted. Lastly, he should be easier to use, as we are doubling the casting range of his ability."

  • Henry's Disable casting range increased by 100%
  • After the duration of Disable expires, the targeted tower's attack rate is reduced by half for the rest of the battle
  • Henry's attack range increased by 12.5%
  • Increased Henry's damage by 25%
  • Henry will prioritize wall troops over other targets that are within his attack range

Here's what else is included with the 1.10 update:

  • Relief Force Donations tab added to Alliance Messaging
  • Peace Treaties now also protect from revenge attacks
  • Rurik has developed Sword Mastery which dispatches any wall troop in a single blow
  • The duration of the Terrorize ability has increased
  • Winrich will deal bonus damage against Grenadiers
  • Defensive Grenadiers speed has been reduced and they no longer deal bonus damage against Teutonic Knights
  • Engineers are now easier to select
  • Laddermen will go over walls more quickly and take less damage while doing so
  • Laddermen will dispatch ranged wall units in a single blow
  • Crossbowmen and catapults now deal bonus damage against Grenadiers
  • Defensive units will use breaches and gates more often
  • Muted alliance members will stay muted until the next launch of the app
  • Rurik now prioritize towers over non-threatening structures
  • Guard House troops that have been Converted by Joan no longer prevent further troop deployment

Thanks to Cleon for the tip!

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Source: Microsoft

John Callaham