Age of Empires: Castle Siege updated with fixes for buying gold

Age of Empires: Castle Siege has just picked up a little update on Windows Phone. The Xbox enabled game launched on Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 just last week and has already built up an enthusiastic fanbase.

Today's little update puts the game at version in the Windows Phone Store. The update addresses some bugs you folks have been having with in-app purchases. Buying more gold? You should be good to go now without any troubles.

Here's the full list of changes in today's update:

  • Enabled the ability to buy Gold from the Marketplace
  • Fixed an issue with missing text in the case where English was used as a fallback language

What do you think of Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows Phone so far?

Download Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows Phone Download Age of Empires: Castle Siege for Windows 8.1 (opens in new tab)

Thanks for the tip Israel H!

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Sam Sabri
  • I'm addicted to this game!
  • Ikr its amazing
  • We are all. I am commenting here to express to the windows phone central world in order to express how much I love this game!
  • yup me too
  • So do I. Pls add me in your alliance, if you have one. Gamer tag shrimpdoom1920
  • Fun game... Juss a lil frustrated at the battle system... They should make the same age attack same age only... I'm age iv and was attacked by age vi so many times already!!! How do u even defend against someone 2 ages higher??? Might as well have an option, if age vi, juss take my loot... No need for battle... Hahaha...
  • And looks like there is less connection problem lately.
  • Great! Now..i'm Ages 5..yay!
  • We're coming for you.....
  • Me too!
  • I just upgraded my keep age 5 16 hrs of build time left. Oh by the way love this game my son loves this game too he's age 4
  • 10 more hours for me!!!
  • Ages 5 is like Townhall 5 in Clash of Clans?
  • @ahmadsamhann .. Yep
  • It is a pay to win game which uses the AoE branding to make it more successful. I want a real Age of Empires.
  • You are going to get Age of Empires: World Domination so stop crying.
  • When I said Real AoE, I didn't mean another lame mobile game that looks crapper then this game. I want a PC or XB1 AoE.
  • I would love this on Xbox one
  • stop crying, or make your own game, but I am sure you don't know how to, you just want to complain :) only because you don't like it, it doesn't mean it's bad, and only because it's free and then it asks for money to do some stuff, it doesn't mean it's pay to win. and actually you don't even know what "pay to win" is, since you are not really gaining much by paying or you are not winning automatically for what you pay for, you are just doing the game faster, so not the same. in other words, you can easily lose even if you pay. and PC or XB1? that would make a real AoE? there was a free AoE game called Age of Empires online, did you play it? or complained as well? because it closed since it never was popular, even if it was free and it wasn't pay to win (as you call it and since it had a really nice pvp but there was a mode that took any item away)... But anyway, accept it, this is a WINDOWS PHONE game, so if you don't want a game in your phone what are you complaining about? just don't play it, simple as that. and download an old AoE game in your pc if you want it so much... and I am sorry but RTS games in consoles are not good, at least touch screen would allow more than a controller, but I don't expect you to know it :) I just expect you to complain and keep crying like a baby.
  • You won Sir
  • He has a right for his own opinion, so stop crying about it Emi.
  • I saw (internet) lately a lot of people claimed they are the real fans of aoe. They said aoe castle siege is not an aoe. They said they hate it because the cartoonish look, they hate it because it offers iap, they hate it because it has to played online. But you know what? They hate it because they can only win when they play against some artificial intelligence built in the game played offline, they hate it because they couldn't bear their losses against other players online. No one ever forced them to pay anything. What's wrong if some guys want to buy iap? It's good for the game development. It's good that developer get some rewards for their efforts. The servers are not free. But what can I say, I just played a few rts on fb before they all gone forever. Sorry for my bad English...
  • I am a massive AOE fan but I love this way better there is more of a challenge and the very first AOE game was little cartoonish cause it was first starting out like this game
  • If I recall correctly, I believe Sam ask the WP community what we thought of the game. I've notice if anyone who expressed any concerns or has a gripe, they get maliciously attack by the underbelly of this prestigious community. I'm sorry if you disagree with MY opinion, that was directed to Sam. There is no need for trolling. In the future, if you wish to express your opinion, please do so with class. Please grow up.
  • Pay to win??? Come on, I never spend money on these games and my defense is not easy to break. It just takes time, but it's not a problem.
  • Exactly^^
  • This is for real. And u can earn golds by finding opponets. So its not p2w..
  • I concur. It's just a matter of proper planning and spending your resources wisely. Though sometimes I feel tempted to spend real money for some gold to speed thing up. Fortunately, I have learned to control myself. :P
  • Agree!!! But its frustrating when you're age iv and an age vi attacked you!!! They need to make it so that the same age attacks the same age...
  • Been able to defend against she v's... But I'm getting obliterated by age vi attackers
  • I haven't spent a dime or even used any gold and 90% of attacks fail against my defense and I'm in age 5. It's more like "pay to not need to wait" so it's a good game for when you don't have time to play it much and just log in occasionally. But yeah, they should make a paid single player version with less silly wait times so you can just keep playing.
  • Exactly this, annoying waiting
  • Exactly.
  • Started 4 days ago. 314 Crowns, Age 4. Not spending real money yet. Having fun. Not sure what's paying to win mean....
  • It is not pay-to-win. It's more like a pay-to-advance-faster. You are always pinned against people with comparable resources.
  • Still wont show me numbers...
  • Why can't login to
  • Open the Xbox Games hub. Let the app refers fully.
    Helps me sometimes though not necessary it works all the time.
  • I do it several times but I have same problem.
  • They were updating the server
  • Too many connectivity errors. The troops look horrible. No in game chat. Also the game just exits without any warning when you hit the 'back' button by mistake. This kinda sucks.
    Waiting for a big update. :-\
  • Windows 8.1 version crashes frequently due to connection issues.
  • Isn't that a problem with Hexic too? On 8.1 when transmitting data and connection is lost (something like that) it just quits?
  • Why can't I opt out of this game?
  • 3 issues. 1. No communication means. 2. No collaboration between allies.(no proper clam system). 3. Connectivity needs improvement
  • +520
    4. The games exits without any warning when you tap the back button .
  • Why would you want a clam system in this game.. or any game?!
  • You never play any online game with clan features? Didn't touch any mmo at all? Even Minecraft server?
  • Haha.. Clam system?
  • Bbq clam tasty yummy
  • Yea true! Why even bother to be in a clan when it offers nothing?no chat system, no clan wars, no rewards, etc...hmm hoping for the best cos this is OUR game :)
  • I have found that games that allow chat quickly deteriorate into a social mess. Keep the smack talk out of these games. Otherwise they just go sour with all the a holes out there with no girlfriends or wives
  • I used to like the AoE III for Java mobiles on my old Nokia 5220, has anyone played that one?
  • Yes,yes,yes. Was addicted to those games. Always sad when mac agree reached, nothing more to do than reset data and start again.
  • Yep yep yep, on my sony candybar symbian.
  • Amazing game. My only gripe is that notifications don't work 100%. Hoping that in major update they add notification for when resources are ready for collection.
  • This game was so disappointing. Hope that world domination fix this
  • Has a couple flaws atm but still a great game to pass the time
  • Join me: Night's watch
  • Coming to kill you now
  • LOL btw: How can you find a player that you want to attack him? For example I want to attack to my friend but I only see the "Visit" option :( I mean I don't want a random player, I want to attack X player. Is that possible?
  • Only if they attack you first I believe.
  • I'm addicted
  • I am Age 5 now
  • They really should release a lot more of the single player campaign missions. Those are fun and tuned to be a good challenge without being impossible (as opposed to attacking other players' castles, which can be super easy or almost impossible).
  • Give them some time, it is just released. I also want monthly event or so.
  • Updated and now cant sign in, brilliant update! /s
  • In general, I don't like the free to play model, but now that gold purchasing is functional, I will purchase some as a thank you to the developers. I enjoy this new AoE game.
  • Oh THIS they correct, what about fixing the issue with connection? And what about offline play? Oh, I remember, they want money, not a good game
  • This game cannot be played offline, you have no idea about the game, and i see you ranting about this in every thread. This is a multiplayer game and you need to be online. Get over it and stop cribbing. 
  • Love this game!
  • Yeah nice game. I like it a lot.
  • Can't build anything, everything is like grey and I can't click on them. I want to build,my army
  • You cannot build everything, you need to progress levels to unlock the army units. 
  • Upgrade your keep
  • Really pleased with the game, except that the achievements aren't syncing between the WP and W8 versions - W8 shows 9 achievements unlocked, WP shows 4.
  • I have the exactly same problem!
  • Have you never played an original Age of Empires 1, 2 or 3? Age of Mythology? Those were the Glory Days of AoE, when you can pay for a game then play how it was meant to be played, without micro transactions, that hinder the game. It is obvious you never played it considering you quoted AoE Online. That was the first free to play AoE and was the first game in the series to be developed by a different studio. RIP Ensemble Studios, you'll be missed by your true fans.
  • The game is great, except for the connection problem in China
  • The connection problem is everywhere, not only in China. :)
  • Am addicted, I just play it while going to sleep or when I just wake up, the ping is really good at that time and less users on my PG Wi-Fi. Btw Can anyone help me with second campaign? Where to attack?
  • Place your battering ram where the torches are.. On the far left hand side of the wall where the road leads to. Only use the ram to destroy walls and the keep. After destroying the wall, retreat it back and let your infantry and crossbowman deal with the guards. Continue the seq until you reach the keep. Use all forces remaining to destroy the keep.
  • Thanks.
  • You're welcome!
  • Update wont download/install
  • Damn, taking ages to reach level 5. I keep finishing my wood for other researches. 
  • Haha Me too!... 20,000 wood to upgrade dammit!!
  • I realised that i need to play the campaigns to get lots of wood :D
  • Best game ever on my wp
  • Need fix this game cause my lumia 1520 hot like fry pan. I know my phone is "hottest" phone in universe. Don't ruin it.
  • Connection error during war :/
  • They should update it to be playable offline so that I and many can actually play
  • Same here
  • Well if I can start to see all the numbers in the game, I am sure it will get a bit more fun to play.  For now it has just been press the upgrade/build buttons and see if it can build or if I don't have enough resources.
  • Its not working on my phone always loading, but I was a addict of this game back in 2008/2009 played every sequel they have realeasd so far
  • Numbers are now visible to me. Yay.
  • Download it, but may be find some time to play :D.
  • Can't sign in after update!! What is going on??
  • Same here. That's kinda disappointing. I only updated the game so I could buy some gold so that I could show the developers a little love. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!
  • Me too! Wanted to buy some gold the day before but the purchase failed and I was really happy that this update was released when another hurdle emerged telling me I can't login.. It seems I'll have to play with star wars commander for the time being.
  • It seems to be working for me now! You should check if its the same for you
  • Nope.. Still can't.. What was your solution to this problem?
  • I didn't really do anything. I just left it for a couple of hours and when I went to try it again, it was fixed.
  • Sometimes the XBox sign in stops working, 
  • My level is quite high in Cloud Raiders, but I still decide to switch totally to this game, because of its gameplay. Being able to direct your soldiers is the biggest success of this game so far :D
  • And the valor rating in cloud raiders is ridiculous
  • Inviting you guys to join: Kalyteros
  • The app wont let me sign in after the update. I tried signing in using IE and in the Game hub but to no avail. Anyone knows any work around for this issue? TIA
  • According to some online forums, apparently, they are updating their servers.
  • I think the servers are doing a gradual roll out. You'll just have to wait it out
  • Yup... My name is Keith, and I'm an addict ;)
  • Is a good game but yes they should release a Age Of Empires 4 for PC & Xbox One
  • I really enjoy this game. Only the waiting gets me because I'm doing my best to avoid spending real money on most F2P games I play. I'm still stuck at Age 4 but I'm planning to upgrade most of my other buildings before upgrading further. I'm DarkSeraphym and if you end up going after my castle... please be gentle. Haha! :P
  • Time walls. Mobile gaming is a disgrace.
  • Really good game, very addictive.
  • I love this game. But, it's costing me too much money.
  • The game isn't starting it says to login in I tried but still nothing
  • Just want to know when "Six-Guns" will gets its latest update......if anybody knows then please update me.........
  • Great game, however it loses connection to server all the time. Makes it very frustrating
  • Join: Kalyteros
  • The game has some server or bug issues. Other than that, I really enjoy playing it.
  • Amazing game great gameplay
  • Iran alliance
  • Awesome game.Just want the text messaging feature like clash of clans.Hats off to the dev of this.This game should be released to Ios and Android also.
  • I love the game and I used to play AOE when it was a computer game so I was happy when I found this game. But its hard to get in to a good clan with great competition. Since there is no global chat
  • connection issues.. server issues.. frustating..
  • Hey guys when I downloaded the update it say's windows cannot install the app please re install or if again there is a problem please check the version of ur WP.