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Microsoft To Do's task suggestion feature uses AI to improve productivity

Microsoft To Do Windows 10
Microsoft To Do Windows 10 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft To Do on the web now supports AI task suggestions in its 'Tasks that seem important' section.
  • The feature identifies tasks that seem important and suggests that you add them to your day.
  • Suggestions also include starred tasks and tasks with deadlines.

Managing a to-do list can help improve productivity, but only if you actually use it. Microsoft To Do for the web (opens in new tab) has a new feature that uses AI to suggest which tasks you should add to your day. The new feature should make it easier to make sure that all of the important things you need to do today are on a single list.

Microsoft announced that the feature is rolling out to Microsoft To Do on the web in a recent Tech Community post (opens in new tab). The post also explains how the feature works:

We're committed to making your daily planning experience better and have introduced intelligent task suggestions in My Day on To Do's web application so you can focus on tasks that matter to you. We use AI to identify tasks that seem important, suggesting them based on keywords. These suggestions also include tasks that have deadlines and tasks you starred.

The task suggestion feature shows up to seven tasks that seem the most relevant to you. It updates with new tasks as well. If a task is overdue or due tomorrow, the feature will push that taask to the list of suggestions. The suggestions panel also has a "Later" and "Earlier" section for tasks that have due dates in the future.

Microsoft To Do syncs across platforms, so tasks you create and manage on one device will sync to your other devices.

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  • Ugh, god. Cortana's suggestions are so bad, they're a running joke in my department. I doubt these still be any better. The robots aren't taking our jobs any time soon, folks.
  • Generally, I don't like their "suggestions" (I hate the "Focused Inbox" which seems to only ensure that I miss important messages), but I must admit that Cortana's emails have caught important messages I would have missed, multiple times. She'll point out that I haven't responded to a question in an email from the prior week. That's saved me several times.
  • I love it. Very useful.