Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Mobile down to $169 at Microsoft

If you're not looking to jump ship from the Windows phone ecosystem to Android or iOS anytime soon, Microsoft is currently offering a solid discount on the Alcatel Idol 4S. Microsoft has slashed the Windows 10 Mobile-powered phone to $169 at its online store (opens in new tab), dropping it down from its previous sale price of $199 (via Neowin). And that represents an even bigger drop from the phone's $470 list price.

The Alcatel Idol 4S comes unlocked, and it should work fine with AT&T or T-Mobile. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 820 chip, along with 4GB of RAM and a 3,000 mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 support. The screen is a 5.5-inch FHD AMOLED panel, and you'll find a fingerprint sensor onboard the handset as well. Inside the box, you'll also find a VR headset, which Alcatel used as one of the Idol 4S's main selling points.

Given the state of Microsoft's mobile efforts, this likely won't appeal to everyone. But if you're still looking to stick with Windows 10 Mobile for the time being, it's not a bad deal for one of the most recent Windows phone releases.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I've been using this phone for about a week (going from an Elite X3) and am very happy with it. The phone itself is very elegant, with its glass back reminding me of my first smart phone, an iPhone 4. The speakers are astonishingly good, and the phone is just a tad slower than the Elite X3. I just hope I don't drop it.
  • The thing I worry about is that battery. Replaceable batteries are nice because when they go bad, you simply swap them. It doesn't seem to be the case here
  • If you have a X3, why would you even bother with this?
  • 'cause I'm a Windows Phone addict. And the Elite X3 really is too big.
  • Please sell it to me.
  • You cra cra...
  • Geeze. I still owe more than that on my installment plan!
  • If you ask me, they should be giving these out for free.
  • No, because they they would be getting people (the wrong people) to use WM.. They only are comfortable with highly informed people using WM right now, so they have to put a price tag on it.
  • Eh, I'd pick one up maybe for like $19.
  • Next week.
  • But of course nobody asked you so you know, go play in a circle jerk on lagdroid central.
  • :)) well, a few desperate fanboys would like that, but otherwise, even for free would be a useless junk.
  • When they drop to "Free"...then I will bite!!!  hahaha :)
  • Sure your employer would like you to work for free as well, hey!
  • long did it take you to come up with that one!  :)
  • Some may say you "bite" already.
  • More like blows...
  • ..While in the good 'ol rip-off UK the equivalent device with a 2016 CPU (As we are about to enter 2018) is still stuck doggedly at £420 - including during all through the Black Friday hullabaloo. Microsoft UK are tight arses.
  • Yeah I checked thinking it would be worth getting at the US price ☹
  • Now that the boatloader is unlocked, this would make a terrific garage door opener.
  • With an Insteon garage status kit any phone can do that even a Lumia 800
  • I just LOLed at my own comment.
  • Did Alcatel ever release a working ROM for this to be reset w/ the WDRT?  When I had one of these a year ago or so, I got bricked by that bad "release" that got pushed to many devices that shouldn't have seen it and found I couldn't reset my device with the tool because the device name expected by the firmware didn't match.  Tried to RMA through Alcatel and got a T-Mobile locked device back (after mentioning in a note in the package, in the ticket, and over the phone repeatedly that I had an unlocked device and needed to get back a working unlocked device). Didn't have any patience for them after that. Sadly, the device itself was pretty good and I'd still be using it if I could have reset it and kept working. The only thing that irked me day to day was how slick the device was. Setting it down on some surfaces had it sliding towards the ground.because it was so smooth. Got a case just to help keep it in place.
  • Yup. Slides right off the arm of my couch.
  • I thought they did about two weeks ago.
  • NateW found a solution. Message him in the forums.
  • I did with the Windows device recovery tool.
  • Got one back in Sept from a seller on Amazon, had on top of a customer's Desktop I was working on it slide right off the camera lens hit the metal corner of the workbench and broke the glass over the lens.
    I. Got a replacement from the seller not problems at all.
    I bought a case to protect it and keep it from sliding, all set know.
    The Alcatel Idol 4S is my work phone. My 950 died and got an S8 to replace it, but after going Android Win 10 Mobile is by far the best OS ever.
  • "Given the state of Microsoft's mobile efforts, this likely won't appeal to everyone." You're right about that!!! I had to jump ship too after my Lumia 1520 battery finally took its last breath. Got a Note 8 during BF. Reluctantly, I must admit the Note 8 has made my life a lot easier. I'll miss the Windows Mobile UI with its unique live tiles, but can't see myself going back to it in its current state.
  • My wife and I are using Launcher 10, which gives you the tiles and UI you miss. It's very convincing.
  • I use Launcher 10 myself when I get wistful for Windows 10 Mobile. Most of the time though I just use Microsoft Launcher on my Galaxy s8+.
  • I realize there's a Launcher 10. I tried it and didn't like it much. I strongly believe if you're going with a certain platform, you're better off sticking with its native OS, launcher, browser, apps, etc... to ensure optimal performance. My concern is, if I were to use non-native stuff such as MS launcher, would it disable some of my device features? For example, would it disable or negatively compromise the S-Pen features or Bixby? So, just to be on the safe side I'm sticking with native stuff. I still use a lot of MS services on my new phone though. Cortana, Bing, OneNote, just to name a few...
  • It won't and you can easily switch back and forth if you don't like it.
  • No it didn't disable angry native Android features; you must be new too tech or simply uninformed. This is just a other alternative launcher that's better than most. I use out inn my GS8 and it really good.
  • Launchers dont compromise on any of the features, I use Ms launched on note 8.
  • Microsoft Launcher doesn't disable or negatively compromise S-Pen features or Bixby. Everything works great on my Note 8 with the Microsoft Launcher. I use Bixby more than Cortana now. 
  • I recently used my insurance on my 950 and got an LG V30. Had to pay my deductible of $150. Saved lots of dollars. I think my insurance carrier had pity on me. That being said, I am giving away an extra battery and my red/gold Mozilla case. PM me with an address and pic showing that you actually own the device. I'll pay shipping. Merry Christmas.
  • Wish that was for the xl. Kudos for the giveaway though.
  • They'll have to bump the price down a lot further if they want to keep selling these.
  • i'm using it and it is amazing! great quality.. fast and amazing sound
  • This is a terrific phone and I am happy I got it, but get one now? Unfortunately I don't see the point in most people joining Windows Phone now unless you have the money and don't care. I'm planning to switch to Android early next year since I just can't the experiences I want with my Windows Phone any longer. If you do get it, best to get a case, it is a slippery thing.
  • Good phone, crapppy camera. Does not come anywhere close to the 950. 
  • It makes up for it in sheer performance. I have a 950 also and that has notable lag compared to this phone.
  • I wouldn't call it a crappy camera, but I agree with it not being on the level of the 950...then again you have newer phones out now that are only on par with the 950.  What I love about the IDOL 4S is the onboard storage. 
  • I'll buy one just for grins when it's $69
  • did u mean $6.9
  • I got one during the $169 Black Friday sale (I guess they didn't sell a lot that weekend?). Really nice phone, GREAT sound both the speakers and the headphone jack - no EQ but not a dealbreaker there. Well aware of the dead format but only looking for basic stuff so until MS ends security updates I can live with what it currently does. Definitely use a case as the back is slippery.
  • I just purchased another Idol this afternoon. Couldn't pass up the $169 deal. This is the best Windows phone running 10. The 950 i have is sluggish in comparison and just not as good overall. Even with the removalable battery 🔋 and the better camera of the 950 I think the Alcatel is a much better device overall in just about every way. I don't need glance screen though it is nice.I don't miss it's absence on the Alcatel. Even the screen to me is better on the Alcatel. If the HP Elite X3 is a little on the steep side for many than I would say the Alcatel is really the only runner up.
  • in europe ms is trying to sell them for 400€ >(
  • I considered ordering one to use in UK at that price, but damn the limited US bands...
  • :))) lol, a dead OS at $169...
  • Why do you comment here?
  • I've the device since it's initial release and am very happy with it. At $169 it's more than bargain. I use it regularly in conjunction with my android device, a best of both worlds kind of thing. My favorite feature is continuum which most don't mention as a feature. I happen to have a use for it and it serves me very well. If anyone is considering buying one, you should definitely do so, you won't be disappointed.
  • Almost bought one. Man, I miss this OS... The best I have ever had.
  • I agree, me and a co- worker who switched to Android after Joe B. announced Microsoft's abandoment of WP were just talking about the things we miss about WP. Microsoft really screwed the pooch with WP by its lack of focus, etc.
  • OMG55 You could still use WP as a great 2nd phone and best camera experiance out there for now. :-)
  • If you can get by with the lack of apps its a good device at this price. Picked one up on launch day and another for my wife a few days before Joe's tweet. So far they have been a very capable device. Trying to hold out on this device until spring to see what WOA brings to the table if anything before moving on to Android.
  • The real crazy thing is the Acer is still full price!
  • This is awesome
  • Ehh....drop it to $99 and I'll gladly buy it....but....seeing as how my Lumia 640 is on its last leg with its constant reboots and freezes.....who knows.
  • Glad to see this article. I just picked one up at the local Microsoft store for the 169 and it's a nice phone. I had the 640 XL. This is very sleek and faster. As long as the OS gets any bugs fixed for the next year or so I'm happy.
  • This really is a good phone.  It's considered a Mid-range phone as far as specs are concerend but tends to lean more on the high end side in my opinion.  The design is amazing and is what I would expect my 950 XL to look like.  The 64GB storage is very convenient.  Coming from the lumia family of phones you'll find almost any other camera on another phone lacking.  I didn't care too much for the position of the shutter button either.  What MSFT needs to do if they are looking to re-brand the WM10 product, they should ensure all models have the same features.  The IDOL 4S has amazing speakers and design, but because it's not a Lumia, it doesn't have glance screen, or an equalizer to fully utilize those amazing speakers. The iris scanner and fingerprint scanner both work amazingly well, though I prefer the iris scanner.   I've compared both phones next to each other and they were the same size, except my IDOL had a case on it, and my 950 XL didn't.  The bezel is a litte more noticeable on the IDOL 4S as well.   The sad reality when it comes to the Windows phone story is it was never really an issue of apps, it was an issue of advertisement.  Those who have been living this story as I have for the past eight years or so remember the days when we didn't have Facebook messenger, Instagram, or Voxer, let alone Snapchat, and yet the market share was stronger then without those apps then it is now with most of them.   As few and far between as windows phone commercials were back then, they still had them.  Word was getting out.  I would recommend this phone to anyone, the same way I'd recommend the OS to anyone, but like many of already stated, it's a matter of what you're familiar with.
  • I'd happily pay double the price, if it was available here in Europe. Unfortunately no way, only shipping in the US.
  • I can't believe you guys are still trying to push this vaporware onto consumers.  How much do you get paid for this promotional advertizing of an obsolete product?  You might want to think about re-naming the sight again, because Windows is no longer your central theme.
  • Ha. I'm glad you're not the editor of this site because I wouldn't have known about the price drop. I ended up getting it at my local Microsoft store. It replaces my 640 XL and I like the Idol 4s a lot. If the Windows Mobile OS stay workable for the next year or so (it will), I'll be happy. 
  • uh, vaporware?   I'm buying this phone for my wife, who just broke her 650 and cant wait til Surface Phone comes out. 
  • It’s called dumping an obsolete product.  
  • hhhhhhhh
  • :)) DEAD OS, not worth a penny.
  • I recently bought this phone and I'm beyond excited. It's great. I was happy to see see these phones on sale again at a TMobile store over the weekend....not sure if it was just a local thing or not. But I visited a Tmobile store that had them on sale for $288.00. Perhaps there's enough interest in keeping this platform going until the "ultimate mobile device" arrives..... If the "kill Windows Phone" lobby would get behind the platform, instead of continually trashing it, telling everone it's over, how bad it is and why we don't even need it, Windows on a phone would survive. There are plenty of people who disagree with the premise that we don't need (or want) a third ecosystem. I can't believe the sell outs I've witnessed. As for those who don't like Windows Phone, don't buy it. But those of us who do have shown that there is a market. 
  • Why don't you get your facts straight?  Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella is the one who called it quits on the Windows Phone platform, not the fans/consumers!  Search the Internet and get a clue!
  • I picked up 2 of these for $169/each.  I also had some Microsoft Rewards Script so used that to bring down the ocst even further.   So far I enjoy this phone very much.  Folks that have complained for over a decade about "crappy speakers" take heed, these will blow your socks off! Watching a flick on Netflix with the speakers is pretty impressive for such a small screen.  Sound quality on calls is equally good.  Overall happy with this phone.