All four episodes of "Ryse: Son of Rome" are now available for your gory entertainment

A little while back, a partnership between Microsoft, Crytek and twofifteenmccann launched the production of a live-action original series based on the game, Ryse. As of today, all four episodes of the show are available to watch on YouTube via Machinima.

The story follows a Roman Solider, Marius Titus, as he fights against barbarian bandits to seek revenge for his family’s brutal murder. During his adventure, he must face mighty obstacles and overcome corruption and turmoil. In the end, you will be asking if Titus is truly fighting for his empire’s honor, or just his own.

Ryse: Son of Rome, was directed by director Brian Beletic and stars Martin McCready as the protagonist, Marius Titus. According to Microsoft, “industry veterans and rising Hollywood talents” were included on the production team.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to YouTube and check out Ryse: Son of Rome!

Source: YouTube; via Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Michael Archambault
  • o.O
  • They've been decent so far.
  • It's to bad that the episodes average 4:30. Otherwise they are great. It would be sweet to see this become a series similar to Spartacus.
  • why make this to promote a bad game . Ryse is gonna be compared to knack on ps4. Horrible launch titles. Everyone who has played this abomination of a game has said its boring and lifeless all you do is click A
  • I played it at one of the Xbox demos in Chicago and it was anything but lifeless and has combat system very reminiscent of the Batman Arkham Series or Assassin's Creed. They have shown very little of the game thus far, but outside of BF4, this is the game I'm most excited for. It may not end up being great as a total package, but from my first hand experience I am highly anticipating this game.
  • I think that's just opinion. I played the game, coming in with the same mentality that it would be garbage, repetitive and not fun. I stepped away with the exact opposite of feelings. I was ready to be very critical. I think it'll turn out to be a fun, probably short lived title, but a short, immersive experience, does not a bad game make. Compared to Knack (and I have a PS4) its not close. Knack is just not a good game, its just too simple and not even in the kid friendly, family way. Just not a thought out game or something Sony needs to be pushing for the first party titles. I was expecting that game to deliver ,considering its developers and Sony's backing. That game is a massive disappointment for me. I'll probably trade it in by this weekend. :/
  • No, Ryse is pretty good. From your hyperbolically negative response, I doubt you've even played the game.
  • I'm not watching anything on YouTube. Thanks, though.
  • That's a little extreme
  • Not with how terrible YouTube has been run lately
  • Same here, no YouTube for me.
  • +1, microsoft needs to get their own video site.  
  • I did wonder why they didnt at least also release it elsewhere, Ill watch on youtube but if available elsewhere id watch it there instead.
  • Link doesn't seem to be working.
  • They should have released a couple more episodes but meh, preordered it. :)
  • What?
  • Ummm, "protection team"? Did you really mean production team?
  • Lol, I was literally lol'ing at that! So many typos on this site.
  • I was just about to post the same thing.
  • I was so confused when I read that!
  • Fixed! ;)
  • What am I waiting for? Well, for starters an Xbox One.
  • Machinima? Wouldn't these videos be available via their Xbox360 app?
  • That's was I am thinking. Maybe I will check out that App first.
  • So when do X1 pre-orders start at WPC?
  • Excuse me as I don't follow gaming at all but a roman soldier, out for the revenge of his murdered family; is this not Gladiator story line?! Maybe its nothing like gladiator?
  • Why is this not on XBox Video allowing me to view it on my phone or Xbox 360?
  • If more ppl watch on YouTube, the uploader get paid by google. Is that how YouTube work?
  • Why is this not on Xbox Video??
  • I hate YT (website) on window phone, I can never get rid of the website when I tap back on my phone. It frustrates the hell out of me. Gimme the black update already so I can X the hell out of the website.