We haven't forgotten all you Alltel customers out there in the recent release of HTC devices. (See Touch Pro on Sprint and the Touch Fuze (this week, we hope) on AT&T.)

The Touch Diamond has been available for a couple of days now. You'll pay $249.99 after the usual contract discount and mail-in rebate. And with the Verizon-Alltel deal getting the go-ahead from the Justice Department — provided Verizon sells off some its assets first — you'd probably better pick this up before the Big V does some of its famous device neutering.

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We're also still expecting the Touch Pro. A little birdie tells us it should be released on or about Nov. 14. Price reportedly could be $100 higher than the Diamond, but that'd leave it $50 more than Sprint is asking for the Touch Pro. So we'll wait and see on that one.