Alltel to Get the Touch Pro

It's not an especially big surprise, but it's good to hear: Alltel will be carrying the Touch Pro on their network, if the image leaked to Engadget is to be believed. No clear word on how long Sprint will have an exclusive on the Touch Pro. Heck, they need to release it first -- hurry up Oct 19!

Given how long it took for Verizon to finally pick up the 6800 device (our guess is the delay was due to how long it took UTStarcom to come up with the sweet XV6800 branding), we're guessing Alltel will beat them to the punch on this one. Heck, the fastest way to get a Touch Pro running on Verizon might just be to switch to Alltel, wait for the acquisition to go through, and then hope you're not one of the 15% of Alltel customers Verizon plans to jettison.

WC Staff