Amazing Ninja, an endless jumper of a Windows Phone game

Amazing Ninja is a Windows Phone game that has a minimalistic design and feel but is not without challenge. The story line behind Amazing Ninja has you playing the role of a young ninja warrior whose girlfriend has been captured by an evil witch.

Game play with Amazing Ninja is a little less dramatic. You jump your ninja through a maze of passages to eventually reach your girlfriend. The game is available for low-memory devices, Amazing Ninja does not have many bells and whistles and can be a rather frustrating game at times. While some may find Amazing Ninja to be a fun time waster, others will be turned off by the overbearing ads that appear throughout the game.

Your main menu for Amazing Ninja has options to play the game, rate the game in the Windows Phone Store, access your game settings and randomly pull up additional gaming titles from the developer. Settings for Amazing Ninja cover turning on or off the sound and music as well as options to contact the developer and share the game.

Game play with Amazing Ninja is an endless runner style where you have to jump through a series of passages and over bottomless crevices. Your little ninja will begin running as soon as you tap the screen.

To get your ninja to jump you will need to tap the screen and to have him jump in mid-air, tap the screen a second time. You will need to time the jumps accordingly to cleanly leap from passage to passage. Otherwise, if your ninja jumps too high or low and hit the wall the game is over.

You'll earn points for each successful jump and not all jumps are on the same level. You may have to jump up to reach the next passage or jump down to safely continue your journey. The game pace starts out of the gate with a good amount of zip and will increase the longer you survive. You will need to stay on your toes with this game because there is very little room for error.

Overall Impression

Amazing Ninja is one of those Windows Phone games that you either like or hate. Game play is challenging and while graphics are minimal, they aren't too shabby. I don't see many sitting down to play marathon gaming sessions with Amazing Ninja but I can see it being an entertaining option to pass short bits of time with.

While game play has appeal, what may turn many away is the ad-support. You have the customary ad banners that run across the bottom of the screen. They help the developer earn a little coin and are not very intrusive. In addition to the ad banners, you will also have a full-page ad that pops up from time to time that is a pain. No need to rehash my distaste in full-page ads but I still think they should be outlawed.

Last time I checked, Amazing Ninja pulled down a 4 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store and I cannot help but feel the rating is about half a star too high. If you try Amazing Ninja, let us know in the comments what you think of the Windows Phone game.

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George Ponder

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