Amazing Weather v3.0 in the works, translators needed

Amazing Weather is wonderful weather app for your Windows Phone. The weather app brings everything from current conditions to weekly forecasts to weather radar to your Windows Phone.

The Amazing Weather developers are hard at work on version 3.0 of Amazing Weather that will bring themes, weather alerts, offline mode, auto location detection, and a refined user interface to the mix. But they need your help.

Amazing Weather v3's new "Metro" look

Amazing Weather needs translators for as many languages as they can find. If you care to translate weather terms into the various languages you know, just shoot Eizsoft an email at with TRANSLATION as the subject line. In return for your help, you'll get a thanks in the About Screen of Amazing Weather and a free Beta copy.

If you're not familiar with Amazing Weather, there is a free trial version available and the full version is running $1.29.  You can find it here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

source: XDA Developers (opens in new tab)

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  • I think I tried about a dozen WP weather apps and was not satisfied with any of them. After trying Amazing Weather I decided to purchase it. It is feature rich, aesthetically beautiful and  has great live tile functionality.
    I’m glad to hear they are working on an upgrade and here is my wish list. No. 1: would be to improve their radar pictures though I’m not sure if that is Canadian thing or not. But their radar images of Canada only shows about 20% of what Environment Canada’s radar picks up. No. 2: would be to show the expected precip amount on the back tile and in Canada we would like to know what kind of precip as well.  No. 3 since they use Weather Undergrounds data, it would be really great if they would include Weather Underground’s awesome hurricane info functionality. If it was fully featured, I would buy the hurricane functionality in a separate app because there is a lot functionality and info they could show
  • Not anything better than weather channel. It should be a free app. Weather channel performs better on the live tile.
  • I'd argue this is much nicer looking than the Weather Channel and the only reason its free is because of the garish ads which consumes data and battery.
  • What Daniel said.
  • Just sent an email for Spanish translation
  • They should also concentrate on SPEED.
    MS Weather opens and refreshes in like 3 seconds.
  • For me WeatherMaster is the best, UI and live tiles have clean good quality graphics which is the first thing i look at in an app, also it's accurate and the live tile update is steady and always runs smoothly.
  • Bought it than uninstall it. Beauty is not enough, accuracy is more important... It cannot say that two cities 10 km away have 12 celsius difference in temp...
  • Can you provide us with with details so we can check them out.
  • Eh, than I bought WeatherMaster. It's accurate and without Android like animated apps...
  • I think that's a bad joke with the "free beta copy of the app" as a thank you... I think translators deserve a full app!
  • The BETA will be the same as the full version and will be updated also :)