Amazon brings Kindle Unlimited to the UK for £7.99 a month

Amazon has finally brought across its Kindle Unlimited service to the UK, which launched in the US back in July. The service offers consumers unlimited e-book enjoyment for £7.99 a month, granting access to over 650,000 digital books, as well as thousands of audiobooks from Audible.

The online retailer will have Kindle Unlimited logos on eligible titles, which can be read for free by those with an active subscription. Popular titles like the Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings and others are available with Kindle Unlimited. It's a neat concept and one we can see many utilizing. The best part is Kindle Unlimited can be deployed on all supported hardware.

Check out Kindle Unlimited (opens in new tab) on the Amazon UK website for more details. There's a 30-day trial to get you started.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Not related to the article. But amazon seriously need to revamp their kindle app for windows phone. Still cannot read or download graphic novels
  • They also need instant video and music apps
  • Yea I really wanted to buy some manga but nothing I own is compatible which is a bit annoying maybe I'll upgrade to a paper white and consider getting kindle unlimited
  • They need to update all of their apps. Maybe when WP8.1 rolls out more, they will create universal apps to replace their rubbish apps..
  • Indeed. Yeah, they're on every platform, but like always we get the bare minium.
  • Not just WP but also for W8...and that's without me mentioning the worse app ever created...Amazon App for TiVo
  • With you on that one.  What's worse is that under "Recommended For You" in the store is a book that I can't buy because I dont have any apps that are capable of showing it.
  • Hey Amazon can we have it in India pls?
  • Want it in France too, but there are some country specific laws that prevent the service to be provided.. In France for example, the law stipulates that the book prices are fixed by editors only and cannot be changed by a third person, therefore Amazon is struggling to deploy its unlimited service unfortunately..
  • Are technical books also included, like software dev books? Eg clean code, etc?
  • That's the million question
  • Stick it Amazon, you tax dodging pricks.
  • If this would be available in Germany, I would probably only use it for audio books. Since I don't like reading comics and graphic novels on Phones/Tablets and that's all I read, the rest would do much for me.
  • When they brought out LOVEFiLM the 3rd party app for accessing your account ceased to exist and have since done nothing to replace it with an official app. I have been trialing Netflix for a month and have been so impressed with the cross platform aspect that after nearly 5 years of being a LOVEFiLM/Amazon member I am seriously contemplating switching. There are so many better apps like nook and pocketmags than kindle anyway.
  • I love Netflix, but its movie selection is very poor. Great for series, though.
  • This app has huge subscription, way more than I can afford
  • The WP app probably won't support the unlimited service anyway. It doesn't support the Lending Library so probably not.
  • It does, I just checked.
  • I was under the impression only Amazon kindles supported Lending Library
  • Kindle Owners' Lending Library is a special feature for owners of Kindle hardware who also are Prime members.  It works only with Amazon produced devices. Kindle Unlimited is a service for anyone who wishes to subscribe and supports all devices that can read Kindle books.  Including WP8.
  • I am interested in buying a Kindle in the near future but I don't think I'll be getting the Kindle unlimited subscription.   I just have too many subscriptions and it is starting to add up.
  • Cool. Please for Germany as well!