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AMD announces more energy efficient processors ahead of Zen architecture rollout

AMD has announced three new processors. Say hello to the A10-7860K, A6-7470K and Athlon X4 845. AMD is still working towards releasing the next platform and refreshing its product line with a wave of processors codenamed "Zen" later in 2016, but today's announced chips bring to the table improved energy efficiency and cooler performance utilizing current tech.

The A10-7860K is a beast of an APU with a quad-core processor clocked at 3.6GHz matched with an octa-core GPU with integrated R7 graphics processing. Building a capable PC is the goal of most system builders, but those who play less demanding titles like League of Legends will be able to make full use of this A10 chip without breaking the bank. It's also an unlocked desktop processor rated at 65W. (And FreeSync tech is included.)

Interested in picking up the new A10 for your next build? AMD states the recommended retail price of this chip will be just $118. The A6-7470K on-the-other-hand is a 3.7GHz dual-core processor. There are also four GPU cores on-board with the component itself boasting a TDP class of 65W. Those who plan to add their own graphics card may be interested in the new Athlon X4 845, which is a 3.5GHz quad-core processor also with an impressive TDP of 65W for just $70.

These new chips come before AMD's rollout of their new Zen architecture, so if you're seriously holding off for more advanced processing power from the company, you'll need to give these options a pass and patiently see a good portion of 2016 pass by.

What is next-gen with these new chips is the Wraith fan and heatsink package, AMD's new improved cooler, which will debut with the AMD FX8350 replacing the stock cooler at no additional cost. The A10-7860K and Athlon X4 845 processors will both feature the Wraith cooler too.

Source: AMD

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Looking forward to seeing what their new architecture brings to the table later this year. Hoping it's really good.
  • Aye, power efficient with solid processing chops. I favour Intel when building gaming rigs but amd are ok for light httpcs - though I still prefer Intel lol. Haven't seen anything to change my mind.
  • Don't know why but I feel AMD more than Intel.
  • It's sad that there aren't many AMD laptops, tablets or servers available. Still waiting for Dell to refresh their AMD server line.
  • Hm, let's see. I have a GTX Titan X 12 GB DDR5. 2016 will be so interesting.
  • I have two titan sli rigs - I'd be interested to see what cpus and can chuck up but I have a feeling sky/kabylake just trumps.
  • Yup. My dad's AMD rig that consists a FX 9580 and XFX R9295X2 and when comparing it with my Titan X with an Intel i7 6700K, I feel AMD offers much better performance with affordable price. But again, it's a twin gpu monster whilst the Titan X is single. Majority of games have almost 10-12 fps more on the AMD rig.
  • So they still offer hybrid cf?
  • Intel lists the 6700K as a 91W chip, while the 9580 is listed as a 220W one. You're talking 130W on the CPU alone, and Anandtech has the 295X2 up near 700W under load, while the Titan X never even hit 400W. So his setup pull AT LEAST an extra 400W, if you run them both hard. Throw in the fact that DDR4 is a bit nicer with power consumptin as well, and the whole package you've got will be SO MUCH happier for the local power company.
  • Skylakes can't count, huge bug in cpu there is a software patch coming but that will drop the speed
  • Graphics card are so mish mashed at mo, I have 9590 with r9 295, I used to have quadfire before slot two 290x. Problem at the moment is games favour on different graphics, the best 4k is furyx, at 8k titan due to more ram, the 390x in crossfire competes nice but no 395 equivalent. There is a fury x2 in the works too. I do not see the point in upgrading for the mo.
  • 8K? I think you mean 5K. We're quite a decade away from 8K in games
  • Nope 8k, it's not all about the games
  • I hope theres a great increase in performance from the current FX line. Not that its bad by any means. But I'm ready to upgrade and have fun again.
  • I'm halfway through upgrade... Thinking of getting a10 apu to pair with my r7 250x... Currently im using 955 B.E , which can also be used for cooking purpose.
  • The 955BE is in my rig but it's days are coming to an end due to bad coding on the program side
  • I started building my desktops with AMD a few years ago with the FX line. I've been happy so far, not as good as Intel, but a heck of a lot cheaper, and super easy to overclock. Looking forward to what's next for AMD.
  • Be interesting if the new apu's includes hbm or it's cousin 3DS memory like the Xbox One SOC. It's in the road maps, but will AMD deliver?
  • Something that always bugs me about intel users they always claim there cooler chips, when I ask them what's your cpu temp in team speak they go 35 degrees centigrade, I say wow mine's alot less than yours. My 9590 runs 20. Stock clocks , I80 all In one water cooling. When I overclocked all 8 cores never got higher than 48 degrees' at 5.2 ghz per core. Anyone could of done it right positioned fans and put your own paste on.
  • As you know, there are many variables in play with the type of cooler used, thermal paste, case airflow, etc.  You can't just ask what people's temps are to make a conclusion.  I have two i7's that run in the 20's with low airflow for silent computing.
  • Great job of explaining the problems with AMD CPU's. If you buy the current high-end model you need to add water-cooling or a non stock cooler and/or manage airflows'. These problems won't occur nearly as fast with an intel chip.
  • NM_N I would of done the same on an intel set up, the truth is many people don't set up their gear properly, it does not matter what chip is used
  • That's true as well im just glad you didn't call those people stupid like other people sometimes do. Setting it up properly increases live span so much.
  • No, thank you, AMD. Those things are going to be disappointment in silicon form, as AMD has been for 5+ years now. I'm thinking of upgrading from Haswell next year (though I don't need to). Hopefulyl Zen is worth buying, though AMD's bragging about Bulldozer ended up a years-long joke. If they can put something together that isn't sucking 50% more wattage to be 25% slower than Intel, or worse, I'll consider buying in. I like their practice of not dumping sockets annually, so if they can get power consumption under control and make the thing somewhat fast, I'd switch back from Intel (went from Phenom II to Haswell).
  • There's a premium to pay for Intel's processors.  However, I still don't think Intel has anything to compete with AMD APU's.  These chips are great for HTPC's at the moment. (at a great price too!)
  • Yes and no. They don't have a specific product that competes because their iGPUs aren't on-par with AMD's for gaming, but that's partially because they seem to not care about the somewhat niche market of HTPCs. However, Intel CPUs are so much better that you could get a micro-ATX or mini-ITX case and throw in an Intel i3 or i5 with a lower-end graphics card, and you'd get by just fine.
  • Intel is way better. Amd has alot of issues with its cpu and gpu. Its budget friendly, but bottlenecks alot with performance.
    I am using amd since my first PC, both cpu and gpu due to budget, but i am going to prefer intel for my next cpu, and nvidia for gpu.
  • I'll stick with AMD just for the simple fact that when AMD released the Athlon 500, Intel slashed their pricing in half to match AMD. I will never forget how badly intel was price gouging the world till that day.. There more happened back then but that enough for me..
  • Business is business for them. But amd with their pricing gotta give performace and stability as intel does. Even i am a longtime amd user, i feel this is necessary.
  • Huh? Amd gives good performance for the price and where do you have stability issues? I've never had any.. I been building systems on AMD since before the Athlon 500 slot processors.
  • But the fact AMD hasn't bothered to release a new desktop core in 2-3 years and isn't really dropping those PileDriver-based CPUs in price doesn't bother you?
  • Bingo Keith you hit the nail on the head there.. I want to build this year for a personal system but I am waiting to see what Zen turns up.
  • My question, then--what if Zen sucks? Bulldozer was supposed to be the multi-core, high-frequency savior for AMD. It flopped. That doesn't mean Zen can't succeed, but AMD's trended in the wrong direction for some time now, Global Foundries has struggled with die shrinks, and we don't know how reliable these chips would be, even if their performance numbers are solid. There are a lot of questionable aspects of Zen that concern me, even if my desire is to see AMD hit it out of the park. You seem to have no interest in buying from Intel over tactics from 10 years ago. If AMD can't give you something competitive, will you go with Skylake or its successor, or shoehorn a sub-par Zen chip in and give up performance to say you're not supporting Intel? I mean, I can admit that there are companies I'll refuse to support, even if it means a drop in quality (Apple, Google). I juse wonder at what point people's anti-Intel sentiments from forever ago are matched by AMD's indifference towards those consumers who defend it.
  • @Keith..
    O I feel you.. I'll cross that bridge when that day arrives. Be crazy to build on amd FX with something new on the horizon.. If Zen flops I suppose I'll choke and build intel. Sad day I admit that though Keith I been running amd personally since the k5 days.. Edit...
    Keith, I been waiting a good amount of time for AMD to supercede the FX but there also a big difference between dedicated customer loyalty and just being plain stupid. I'm not gonna build a personal system that is locked on a closed upgrade path and that has more to do with just the CPU. If amd flops this one well the dark side is the easier path lol..
  • Indeed, it sucks when competition just isn't there. I did my first build on a Phenom II. When it came time to upgrade, Haswell was just too far ahead of PileDriver for me to swallow. My dad (who has been all-AMD for probably clsoe to 15 years as well) ended up going with the 8350 when he upgraded from his Phenom II, but he jsut went to Skylake himself and gave the FX components (CPU, RAM, board) to my little brother for his first build. I don't NEED to upgrade from my Haswell CPU, but I kind of want to, just because. I really need a GPU first, though. I'll probably look to replace my HD 5850 in the middle or later part of the year, then see where Zen stands at the end of this year or the start of next, versus Skylake's kids. Or, most likely, I'll continue to procrastinate on upgrading anything because I need a new TV more than either.
  • Same here, I have some man toys to take care of (and the girlfriend hehe) before a new build so it's not hurting to play the waiting game a while to see what comes about.. I do hope amd pulls a rabbit out the hat because no competition is always a bad thing for consumers..
  • I'm not very please with and. Not like intel, You always can't get same or higher Ghz CPU for the motherboard after a year. At then, your OEM Windows is stuck with that PC.
  • Currently have an 8 core Vishera FX-8350. It does great with highly multi threaded tasks, like streaming a video game, but fairly poorly in more common single threaded apps. It's also 125 watts! I also recently upgrqaded to an R9 390 video card, that thing BELTS OUT HEAT. I have been a AMD fan boy since the 486 (except for the K5, ugh). I want to stick with them, but both Intel and nVidia make more power efficiant parts. I'm really hoping they have something great to bring to the table nest year when I do a new build. Not in a hurry all my games run fine, and I'm rooting for them. YEEEOO CAN DOOO IEEEET!