AMD could launch four new Ryzen R5 chips on April 11th


AMD is getting ready to launch four Ryzen R5 SKUs, according to leaked information. If the report proves accurate, the company will launch the new mid-tier processors on April 11, and prices will start as low as $169. The 1600 and 1600X processors will feature six cores, while both the 1500X and 1400 series will come packing four cores, all with hyper-threading.

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Here's what the R5 family could consist of at launch:

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ProcessorCoresThreadsClock speedPrice
R5 1400483.2GHz
R5 1500X483.5GHz
R5 16006123.2GHz
R5 1600X6123.6GHz

Just like the R7 line, these new SKUs will also come featuring the company's Extended Frequency Range (XFR) tech and will be unlocked for more advanced overclocking. We'll likely have more details to follow come April 11.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • they will perform much better in games.
  • i think that R5 1500X will be the best bang/buck from all of them. price is great. tdp probably will be very low. also the base frequency is among best. not to much for oc but hey. at that price.4 cores and 8 threads at 190$ sounds like a dream. i would really like to see an full AMD gaming laptop with the new series
  • I kinda wonder what the life of the 1500X really is. You can almost certainly save $20, drop to the 1400, and get the exact same CPU. You will have to do a manual overclock, but if the R7 release showed anything, it's that the 1700 isn't really behind the 1700X, in terms of overclocking. I think the one real negative is that the 1400 might be getting an inferior cooler with it.
  • Compared to intel, all of the ryzen chips are best bang for the buck.
  • I'll probably go 1600X, might be worth $30 to get that 400MHz base clock, if I'm too lazy to OC it myself (or I want to leave it in a Balanced state). I don't know if I'll go ATX or mITX, though. I kinda want to do the former, but I've also really enjoyed having my small box on my desk with the switch to mITX for Haswell.
  • Difficult decisions. My current PC is an AMD system. I was thinking of going back to Intel because of the usualy better power useage, but these chips do look very nice.
  • I was really hoping the 4C parts were going to be higher frequency, but I suspect they are starting out as bins of 8C parts. While the actual product still remains to be seen, my hope was for a non-salvaged 4C part that hit in the 4GHz+ range. 
  • i have an old a10-7870k that i am stressing out with a 4k monitor and a rx 460.  I can casual game at 4k.  i am holding out for these more affordable ryzen chips as an upgrade.  if they don't perform well i will just jump to a kaby lake i5 as an upgrade.  operation wait and see.
  • I think the 1400 is definitely gonna be the one i would go for, pairing that with a RX 480 and a compatible MB, I should get excellent results at 1080p. Also, I think i'll use an air cooler with it. great pricing, undercuts even the cheapest i5 chips
  • Nice. Miss my AMD machines of the past.
  • Interesting. And these 4 core chips won't have apparent issues with the Windows scheduler. Wonder about the 6 core CPUs. Time will tell, but I hope these are very competitive with Intel.
  • R5 1400 OC to 4 GHz will take on i7 at i3 prices. This will be insane.