American Airlines boarding passes now automatically add to Windows Phone Wallet

American Airlines for Windows Phone was just updated. The last major update to the app came last November when it gained support for the Wallet app in Windows Phone. With that update, users could opt to store boarding passes inside their virtual Wallet and easily check in using their Windows Phone. Today's update makes it so that those boarding passes are automatically added.

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you'll find American Airlines at version Here's what you get in today's update:

  • Mobile Boarding Pass is automatically added to wallet
  • TSA Pre now displays on Mobile Boarding Pass

The ability to automatically add boarding passes to the Wallet will be very useful for those Windows Phone users who are also jet-setters. Plus anyone in the TSA Pre-check program will have their status in the program show up on their American Airline boarding pass.

Fly American Airlines often? Let us know if you use the Wallet and mobile boarding passes in the app!


Sam Sabri