Android apps on Windows 11 now available for Release Preview Channel

Windows 11 Tiktok Androidstore
Windows 11 Tiktok Androidstore (Image credit: Microsoft)

Windows 11 Android App Store

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Android apps on Windows 11 have arrived for Insiders in the Release Preview Channel.
  • Microsoft's announcement specifies this is for U.S. Insiders.
  • Microsoft also recently announced Android app support will be coming via public preview in February.

If you're an Insider in the Dev Channel, then today's scoop is old hat. But for those in the Release Preview ring, good news: Android apps on Windows 11 are here.

Announced on the official Windows blog, as of January 26, 2022, "the preview of Android apps on Windows 11 is now available for Windows Insiders in the Release Preview Channel in the U.S." Notice that little disclaimer at the end. Anyone outside the U.S. will have to wait for more updates.

That's not all the Android-centric news Microsoft has dropped, either. Android app support is getting a public preview in February. And lest you think this early Christmas' worth of Android news is over, it gets better: The age-old question of "when will Surface Duo get Android 11" has also been answered, since Microsoft recently released that update.

In other words, if you're excited about Microsoft giving Android-related content its time in the sun, now's the time to break out the tanning lounger.

All this news comes hot off the tail of Microsoft's better-than-anticipated FY22 Q2 earnings report. Though, given that most of their recent quarters have been better than anticipated, it's hard to say whether they're not anticipating outdoing their own expectations. Most areas of Microsoft's business endeavors are thriving, including the proliferation of Windows. Did you know that over 1.4 billion devices now have either Windows 11 or Windows 10 on them? Or that Windows 11's product satisfaction ratings are the highest of any version of Windows? It's a good time for Microsoft.

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  • I still cannot find a need for an Android app on my Windows 11 laptop.
  • Android app support will still be here when you find one.
  • Kindle on Surface Go should be quite dope, but other than that, I guess some games or something.
  • Things just got interesting!! Android apps could make the Surface Pro and Go almost on par with the iPad. Then when you factor that it also runs a full desktop operating system in Windows 10/11 maybe it can eat into the iPad/iPad Pro tablet market dominance.
  • Great point! I hadn't even thought of that particular use case. Going to see what apps I can use on my SP6 and see if I can finally ditch the iPad.
  • Maybe banking? Pretty much for me it's Zynga Poker
  • Apps like for smart home is one of them, only Smart Things that I know is available natively in Windows. Finance apps as well.
  • True, although Ring is making a great PWA of their site, which I know some people are using.
  • I would use some of the hotel and train booking applications I use on my Android phones and Galaxy Tab S7...
  • Why not use the website?
  • Because I have all the hassle of signing in and wading through cookie permissions etc... A dedicated application is easier to use...
  • As a developer, I use Microsoft Authenticator a lot, so having that on my PC will be be a great convenience. That said, it's not available in the Amazon store as yet. Hopefully Microsoft will prioritise getting their own apps in there but history says it's not a given.
  • Putting the 2FA App onto he same device as your first factor is, eliminates the point of having it.
  • I used it with my Work computer and my Note9, and that's a different scenario but the concept is pretty much the same. The answer is simple.. One device and not having to pick up your phone to use an Android app. I'm pretty sure this would be the answer Microsoft would give you.
  • Some apps are better in the mobile version than they are in the web or PWA versions. Apps I use every day are better on iOS/Android. Feedly client, Duolingo, CANDY CRUSH!!!! :)
  • Excellent news...great!
  • Why that regional lock? What's the point behind that?
  • Wake me when it's available outside the US without the need for work arounds.