Anthem and The Division 2 Xbox One bundles surface online (update)

Updated February 5, 2019: Microsoft has officially revealed the Anthem Xbox One bundle, now available for preorder ahead of February 22, 2019. They also confirmed that a The Division 2 Xbox One X Bundle was on its way. There will be an Xbox One S option too.

Microsoft is seemingly cooking up two Xbox One bundles for the weeks ahead, tied to some of 2019's top titles. Alleged images of unreleased Xbox One S units have surfaced online, themed around upcoming role-playing multiplayer shooters, Anthem and Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

While yet to be formally revealed, listings from Russian games retailer, 100PristavOk, indicate a planned launch in the coming weeks. As first spotted on Reddit, the store pages pair with alleged images of the bundles and their contents.

Anthem's Xbox One S bundle is set to pack its 1TB console, one controller, and a redeemable code for its top-tier "Legion of Dawn Edition." Meanwhile, the Tom Clancy's The Division 2 bundle includes the same hardware duo, alongside the standard game. Both also feature trial codes for the Xbox One's various subscription services.

Take news of these bundles lightly until official word from Microsoft. However, it's a likely pairing for launch, with Xbox locking down partnerships and premiering both titles at E3 2018.

The bundles are currently available for preorder at 26,990 rubles, though expect a $299 price point in the U.S.

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Matt Brown

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  • Why even have One S bundles? Why not One X bundles with Anthem and The Division 2? They are 4K enhanced aren't they? Or do they run ok on the One S? I'm just saying nothing wrong with the One S as I still have mine, but I game mostly on my One X for the 4K enhancement games. Everything else from older games on my One S.
  • X is selling well, they need to move out the S model production
  • As tempting as this bundle is, I would not be getting it.