What you need to know

  • Anthem had several features delayed in order to fix bugs, including the Cataclysm update.
  • Today, the Cataclysm update has finally gone live.
  • This update brings new quests, new currencies, new enemies and more for players to enjoy.
  • Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition is currently $20 on Amazon.

Earlier this year, Anthem's Cataclysm update and some other new features were delayed, as BioWare wanted to focus on improving or fixing issues that needed to be addressed in the game. Today, the Anthem Cataclysm update has finally gone live and players can download the update right now. It is a 12GB update, so it shouldn't be too hard on your hard drives.

In order to begin exploring in the Storm, you'll need to choose "Cataclysm" in the Game Modes menu. From there, anyone of any level is free to begin. This update isn't just adding the Storm however, as there are new enemies such as the Bristlebacks and Dominion Crystal Troopers. There are three new story missions to take on, starting with "Tip of the Spear." Finally, there's also new currencies to use in the form of Major Crystals and Minor Crystals. Major Crystals are big mission rewards, while Minor Crystals can be used to purchase Major Crystals and War Chests.

Loot in Anthem has also recieved a major update and if you want more details on that, you can check our guide here.

Special edition

Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition

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Anthem is BioWare's new IP, allowing players to pilot powerful Javelin armor suits that come in four different varieties and can be tweaked and customized endlessly.

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