Complete list of all Anthem loot items and their rarity

Anthem's loot comes in six levels of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Masterwork, and Legendary. You will be able to find the same components and gear at any level of rarity. Only Masterwork and Legendary items are unique and come with special stat buffs, with Legendary gear just being better versions of Masterworks.

Cataclysm Gear and Support items

Anthem cataclysm

Anthem cataclysm (Image credit: EA)


  • Again and Again (Upgraded Siege Artillery)
  • Venom Storm (Upgraded Burst Mortar)
  • Berserker's Cry (Upgraded Battle Cry)
  • Surging Shield (Upgraded Shield Pulse)


  • Tesilar Trap (Upgraded Cluster Mine)
  • Spectre's Flash (Upgraded Wraith Strike)
  • Voice of Courage (Upgraded Rally Cry)
  • Slayer's Furor (Upgraded Target Beacon)


  • Relentless Pursuit (Upgraded Pulse Blast)
  • Arctic Tomb (Upgrade Frost Grenade)
  • Vanguard's Rampart (Upgraded Bulwark Point)
  • Tarsis' Last Stand (Upgraded Muster Point)


  • Steam Vent (Upgraded Glacial Spear)
  • Eternal Squall (Upgraded Lightning Strike)
  • Howling Veil (Upgraded Wind Wall)
  • Anthem's Grace (Upgraded Quickening Field)

Melee gear (Cataclysm)

Anthem's Cataclysm update also added new melee gear that are equippable to your javelin and have their own stats.


  • Seismic Glove (Heavy glove that can be smashed into the ground, causing damage in a large area)
  • Earthshaker (Upgraded Seismic Glove)
  • Inferno Glove (Flaming glove that can be smashed into the ground, burning enemies in a large area)
  • Meteor Smash (Upgraded Inferno Glove)


  • Twin Blades (Double-bladed daggers that allow for fast attacks which can be chained together)
  • Blades of Warding (Upgraded Twin Blades)
  • Venomous Blades (Double-bladed daggers that poison their target)
  • Deathstalker Blades (Upgraded Venomous Blades)


  • Shock Mace (Electrically charged mace that shocks enemies)
  • Transmuting Volt (Upgraded Shock Mace)
  • Seismic Mace (Heavy hitting mace that deals high damage)
  • Rampager (Upgraded Seismic Mace)


  • Explosive Strike (Hits enemies with an explosive strike, dealing high damage)
  • Searing Blast (Upgraded Explosive Strike)
  • Shocking Strike (Hits enemies with an electrically charged strike, shocking them)
  • Lightning Surge (Upgraded Shocking Strike)


Components can be equipped on a Javelin to provide boosts for their shield or armor. The higher the rarity, the better the boost, and they'll come with a few other stat modifiers that can improve your damage, reload speeds, and more. There are Universal components that can be used with any Javelin type, and Javelin-specific components. Up to six components can be equipped at a time per Javelin so long as you have reached the required level to unlock the slot.


  • Shield Reinforcement
  • Ammo Compartment (Increases reserve ammo for all equipped weapons)
  • Ammo (For several weapon types: specialized storage that increases damage)
  • Ultimate Inscription (Increases ultimate damage)
  • Melee Inscription (Increases melee damage)
  • Heat Sink (Increases Javelin heat capacity for longer flight times)
  • Armor Reinforcement


  • Ice Inscription (Increases ice damage and effect)
  • Chaos Core (Increases blast damage)
  • Elemental Attunement (Increases resistance to elemental damage)
  • Fire Inscription (Increases fire damage and effect)
  • Integrity Augment (Increases armor)
  • Elemental Synergy (Increases gear damage and lowers gear recharge rate)
  • Elemental Empowerment (Increases gear recharge rate and lowers gear damage)
  • Lightning Inscription (Increases lightning damage)
  • Elemental Conduit (Increases elemental damage and decreases physical damage)
  • Storm Combo Augment (Increases number of combo chains)
  • Amulet of Winter (Masterwork Ice Inscription)
  • Mark of Clarity (Masterwork Elemental Attunement)
  • Mark of Ruin (Masterwork Fire Inscription)
  • Mark of Wrath (Masterwork Elemental Synergy)
  • Token of the Pupil (Masterwork Storm Combo Augment)
  • Token of the Master (Masterwork Chaos Core)
  • Token of Daring (Masterwork Elemental Conduit)
  • Vanguard's Token (Masterwork Integrity Augment)
  • Tome of Precision (Masterwork Lightning Inscription)
  • Gunslinger's Mark (Masterwork Elemental Empowerment)


  • Assault Augment (Increases assault launcher damage)
  • Advanced Circuitry (Increases melee damage and electric effect)
  • Grenade Augment (Increases grenade damage)
  • Grenadier Inscription (Increases grenade recharge rate)
  • Crossed Arms (Increases blast damage and lowers impact damage)
  • Convergence Core (Increases impact damage and lowers blast damage)
  • Firearm Calibration Core (Increases damage for all weapons)
  • Vented Thrusters (Increases overheating threshold)
  • Ranger Combo Augment (Increases combo damage)
  • Thermal Regulator (Increases fire damage, max heat capacity, and fire resistance)
  • Badge of Devastation (Masterwork Assault Augment)
  • Combined Arms (Masterwork Grenade Augment)
  • Airborne Advantage (Masterwork Convergence Core)
  • Tip of the Spear (Masterwork Ranger Combo Augment)
  • Defensive Bulwark (Masterwork Firearm Calibration Core)
  • Elemental Ops (Masterwork Thermal Regulator)
  • General's Favor (Masterwork Grenadier Inscription)
  • Vanguard's Badge (Masterwork Advanced Circuitry)
  • Victor's Resolve (Masterwork Crossed Arms)
  • Tactical Advantage (Masterwork Vented Thrusters)


  • Autocannon Ammo (Increases auto cannon damage)
  • Heavy Assault Augment (Increases heavy assault launcher damage)
  • Colossal Stock Augment (Increases maximum magazine size for all weapons)
  • Colossal Storage Augment (Increases maximum ammo capacity)
  • Colossus Combo Augment (Increases combo damage)
  • Heavy Shield Reinforcement (Increases damage of Colossus shield damage while sprinting)
  • Explosives Expert (Increases all blast damage)
  • Structural Reinforcement (Reinforces armor and shields)
  • Guardian Insignia (Increases duration of support gear)
  • Overclocked Regulator (Increases lightning and fire damage)
  • Ordnance Augment (Increases ordnance launcher damage)
  • Demolition Tribute (Masterwork Heavy Shield Reinforcement)
  • Catalytic Overdrive (Masterwork Colossus Combo Augment)
  • Grand Entrance (Masterwork Guardian Insignia)
  • Ablative Shielding (Masterwork Structural Reinforcement)
  • Emblem of Destruction (Masterwork Explosives Expert)
  • Vanguard Emblem (Masterwork Overclocked Regulator)
  • Shock Treatment (Masterwork Ordnance Augment)
  • Reinforced Hull (Masterwork Colossal Stock Augment)
  • Synchronized Frame (Masterwork Heavy Assault Augment)
  • Stalwart Badge (Masterwork Colossal Storage Augment)


  • Double-Edged Inscription (Increases all damage dealt and damage taken)
  • Amphibious Augment (Increases acid damage, oxygen capacity, and acid resistance)
  • Gunner's Inscription (Increases weapon magazine size and ammo drop rate)
  • Battle Inscription (Increases weapon damage)
  • Blade Inscription (Increases melee damage)
  • Assault System Augment (Increases Assault System damage)
  • Strike System Augment (Increases Strike System damage)
  • Conductivity Augment (Increases electricity damage, electricity resistance, and gear cooldown speed)
  • Diverted Energy Circuit (Increases maximum shields and decreases armor)
  • Interceptor Combo Augment (Increases aura combo pulse frequency)
  • Way of the Bold (Masterwork Interceptor Combo Augment)
  • Way of Resolve (Masterwork Blade Inscription)
  • Way of Salvage (Masterwork Gunner's Inscription)
  • Way of Integration (Masterwork Amphibious Augment)
  • Way of the Swift (Masterwork Assault System Augment)
  • Elusive Talisman (Masterwork Battle Inscription)
  • Talisman of Power (Masterwork Strike System Augment)
  • Conductive Lattice (Masterwork Conductivity Augment)
  • Survival Algorithm (Masterwork Diverted Energy Circuit)
  • Vengeance Matrix (Masterwork Double-Edged Inscription)


Gear loadouts will vary between Javelin types, but they act as special offensive and defensive capabilities. Each Javelin is equipped with three slots that can be filled: two offensive and one defensive.


Blast Seals

  • Flame Burst (Creates a series of fiery explosions at a target location)
  • Living Flame (Creates a being of living fire that seeks out enemies)
  • Ice Storm (Places targeted fields of ice that explode with frost damage and freeze enemies)
  • Lightning Strike (Calls down a bolt of lightning on a target location)
  • Ice Blast (Hurls several large chunks of heavy ice)
  • Winter's Wrath (Masterwork Ice Storm)
  • Ponder Infinity (Masterwork Lightning Strike)
  • Binary Star (Masterwork Living Flame)
  • Hailstorm's Renewal (Masterwork Ice Blast)
  • Venomous Blaze (Masterwork Flame Burst)

Focus Seals

  • Glacial Spear (Fires a powerful blast of ice energy)
  • Shock Burst (Fires an electrical orb that can bounce off walls and seek targets)
  • Burning Orb (Throw rapid bolts of fire or charge up for a more powerful fireball)
  • Frost Shards (Shoots stream of target-seeking ice shards)
  • Arc Burst (Fires a lightning bolt that arcs to two nearby enemies after impact)
  • Seal of the Open Mind (Masterwork Shock Burst)
  • Stasis Chain (Masterwork Arc Burst)
  • Chaotic Rhyme (Masterwork Frost Shards)
  • Black Ice (Masterwork Glacial Spear)
  • Ten Thousand Suns (Masterwork Burning Orb)

Support Seals

  • Wind Wall (Creates a wall of wind that blocks projectiles)
  • Quickening Field (Creates a field that reduces cooldown of allies who enter)


Assault Launcher

  • Seeking Missile (A missile that seeks targets)
  • Blast Missile (A missile that explodes on impact)
  • Pulse Blast (Blasts a target with a large energy burst)
  • Venom Darts (Inflicts acid damage with a volley of darts)
  • Spark Beam (Energy beam that does continuous damage to anything it hits)
  • Argo's Mace (Masterwork Blast Missile)
  • Tactical Onslaught (Masterwork Venom Darts)
  • Avenger's Boon (Masterwork Pulse Blast)
  • Fist of the Mountain (Masterwork Pulse Blast)
  • Ember's Lance (Masterwork Spark Beam)
  • Recurring Vengeance (Masterwork Seeking Missile)


  • Frag Grenade
  • Inferno Grenade
  • Seeker Grenade
  • Frost Grenade
  • Sticky Grenade
  • Grand Opening (Masterwork Seeker Grenade)
  • Cold Blooded (Masterwork Frost Grenade)
  • Explosive Blaze (Masterwork Inferno Grenade)
  • The Gambit (Masterwork Sticky Grenade)
  • Last Argument (Masterwork Frag Grenade)

Support Gear

  • Bulwark Point (Deploys a shielded dome that blocks projectiles)
  • Muster Point (Deploys a shielded dome that increases weapon damage of those inside)


Ordnance Launcher

  • High-Explosive Mortar (Fires a high-explosive shell that detonates across a large area)
  • Firewall Mortar (Lights the battlefield on fire with a huge wall of flame)
  • Burst Mortar (Launches a volley of mini-mortars to blast everything in a large area)
  • Lightning Coil (Shoots an arc of electricity that targets a random enemy)
  • Shock Coil (Hits every target around a Javelin with waves of electricity
  • Final Judgement (Masterwork High-Explosive Mortar)
  • Titan's Hail (Masterwork Burst Mortar)
  • Rubidium Furnace (Masterwork Firewall Mortar)
  • Vassa's Arc (Masterwork Lightning Coil)
  • Voltaic Dome (Masterwork Shock Coil)

Heavy Assault Launcher

  • Railgun
  • Flak Cannon
  • Flame Thrower (Continuously blasts fire)
  • Siege Artillery (Hits one target hard with a destructive kinetic projectile)
  • Venom Spitter (Fires multiple arcing shots of acid)
  • Best Defense (Masterwork Siege Artillery)
  • Black Powder (Masterwork Flak Cannon)
  • Solvent Green (Masterwork Venom Spitter)
  • Garred's Hammer (Masterwork Railgun)
  • Fist of the Crucible (Masterwork Flame Thrower)

Heavy Support Gear

  • Battle Cry (Incites enemies to attack the Colossus while lowering their elemental and physical resistance)
  • Shield Pulse (Gives allies a damage resistance buff)


Assault System

  • Venom Bomb (Throws a grenade which hits all nearby enemies with acid
  • Cryo Glaive (Locks on to up to two nearby targets and freezes enemies on impact)
  • Spark Dash (Forward dash that leaves behind a damaging trail of electricity)
  • Cluster Mine (Throws out a group of mines onto a targeted area)
  • Searching Glaive (Throws a glaive that seeks out targets)
  • Bitter Harvest (Masterwork Cluster Mine)
  • Absolute Zero (Masterwork Cryo Glaive)
  • Serpent's Veil (Masterwork Venom Bomb)
  • Raneri's Charge (Masterwork Spark Dash)
  • Ruthless Stalker (Masterwork Searching Glaive)

Strike System

  • Plasma Star (Tosses a plasma-empowered shuriken at a single target)
  • Tempest Strike (A melee strike that deals high physical damage)
  • Detonating Strike (A melee strike that charges an enemy with electric energy)
  • Wraith Strike (Sends out a projection of Interceptor to attack enemies)
  • Venom Spray (Sprays out corrosive acid that damages all enemies hit)
  • Sanadeen's Respite (Masterwork Plasma Star)
  • Sudden Death (Masterwork Tempest Strike)
  • Shadow Claw (Masterwork Wraith Strike)
  • Viper's Bite (Masterwork Venom Spray)
  • Cariff's Talon (Masterwork Detonating Strike)

Support System

  • Target Beacon (Marks an enemy, allowing allies to do increased damage to them)
  • Rally Cry (Clears harmful status effects from the entire team)

Crafting materials

Crafting materials and other resources can be found throughout the world by harvesting plants or by breaking down gear you no longer want.

  • Chimera Compound
  • Chimeric Alloy
  • Ember
  • Weapon Parts
  • Javelin Parts (Ranger, Storm, Colossus, Interceptor)

Aside from Anthem's various weapons, these are currently all of the loot items that you can obtain in the game. Once BioWare starts to drop content updates and if new loot is added, we'll be sure to keep this page up to date.

Updated August 6, 2019: We've added new gear that is now live with Anthem's Cataclysm update.

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