BioWare's 'Anthem' classes detailed: Ranger, Colossus, Storm, Interceptor

Anthem is shaping up as the next big title for Electronic Arts (EA) and developer BioWare, with foundations for a strong shared-world multiplayer game. Its loot-driven gameplay capitalizes on industry-wide trends, taking clear influence from The Division, Destiny, and other similar successes.

With a heritage built on role-playing titles, BioWare looks to add increased player choice with Anthem. Class-based gameplay makes for unique cooperative experiences, which sits among its core values. We've wrapped up everything on Anthem's classes so far, ahead of its slated 2019 debut.

Anthem: Everything We Know

Understanding Javelins in Anthem

In Anthem, hostile monsters rule the wilderness, and humanity has taken refuge inside a walled city. Skilled bounty hunters known as "Freelancers" are among the few who venture outside the walls, using "Javelin" exosuits to enhance their performance in combat. Handcrafted and passed down between generations in lore, EA envisions players growing proud of their Javelins over time.

Four of variants of these suits exist in Anthem and each has its own strengths and abilities. Similar to classes, every Javelin is tuned for specific roles and shapes how the game is played. Furthermore, Javelin upgrade paths will allow players to finely tune suits to specific roles or situations. Keep in mind that your Javelin doesn't define gameplay – players can freely switch between unlocked suits between missions.

Beyond your weapons and gear variants, each Javelin also grants the ability to fly and hover. Flying is crucial for traveling through Anthem's expansive world but players will need to watch their jets for overheating. Water cools Javelin thrusters, so players should keep an eye out for lakes and waterfalls. Hovering expands on this ability to secure higher ground, though duration varies between Javelin type. Players also have a super ability that once charged, can decimate the battlefield.

Javelins are also tied to a deep cosmetics upgrade system. Paint jobs, geometry mods, and other cosmetics are reportedly in the works, which will be accessible through crafting, loot drops, and microtransactions. EA has already promised that all paid cosmetics can be earned in-game too.

Anthem Javelin classes explained

While there's still a lot unknown about Anthem, EA has provided scattered details on the classes and their recommended playstyles. You'll likely find a favorite once you play, though we've prepared a brief primer from everything we know so far.


The Ranger is the first Javelin all players use in Anthem's opening missions, featuring a variety of abilities fit for beginners. This class inherits attributes of other Javelin types, providing flexibility to adapt around situations and playstyles. It's fast-moving, offers precise gunplay, and can deal formidable damage, though advanced Javelin types are better equipped for specific scenarios.


With heavy firepower, the Colossus is specialized for devastating the battlefield. Although its poor agility should be considered, the heavy armor and shield gadget can plow through explosions with ease. Its heavy weaponry is best paired with other classes for strong, high-damage combos.


EA is yet to fully detail the Storm's capabilities, though demos indicate some form of mage-style role. Current gameplay shows the class using elemental abilities to provide support to other players from a distance. This class also has a longer hover time, assumedly to keep out of enemy reach while dealing damage.


The Interceptor is the class we know the least about – EA appears to be holding back information for a later reveal. Teasers indicate some form of rogue-style class, using stealth, agility, and traps to take down enemies.

Which class is for you?

Going forward, we plan to update this guide with future details on the game's classes. For now, Anthem is currently scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Preorders are available at most major games retailers, starting at $59.99.

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