Anthem story DLC to be free, Dragon Age and Mass Effect to feature continuous storytelling

A year ago, EA surprised everyone by revealing Anthem for Xbox One and other platforms. The game is an upcoming shared world third-person shooter from BioWare. BioWare is the studio behind famous franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Anthem is expected to launch on February 22, 2019, but that hasn't stopped the developer from releasing new details about the project.

As reported by VG247, at PAX West 2018, Lead Producer Michael Gamble said that development of the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect games would be heavily influenced by Anthem. Gamble clarified on Twitter, "Anthem has a main story and that story concludes. But it also allows us to continue the storytelling soon after launch, and keep the world alive and changing and fresh. New adventures, characters, and fun."

It's great to see that BioWare will adopt this approach to its next projects. Hopefully they'll be as addictive as Destiny 2 which — despite its flaws — is a great example of how you keep players coming back for more.

According to Game Rant, unlike Destiny 2 though, all of Anthem's story DLC will be free for players. It's unclear if there will be other multiplayer expansions, but we'll let you know as soon as the developer shares more details.

Hopefully Anthem will be a polished experience when it launches next year. The game was supposed to come out in 2018, but was pushed back by a few months to make it better. At E3 2017, BioWare said that Anthem was being developed with the Xbox One X in mind. Hopefully this means that the title will be a visual showcase on Microsoft's new platform.

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  • As long BioWare get free reign going forward, I will buy Anthem. Speaking of Anthem, I am liking the direction BioWare is going with the franchise. I am hoping we get open world + Shepard some time in the future (would be amazing if we could port our Mass Effect character from ME1/ME2/ME3). The moment EA get their grubby paws in to the franchise - instant boycott.
    I am voting with my wallet, I would much prefer Bioware having free reign and get almost all my money - it would be naive of me to think EA won't get some of my money.
    I'd rather have Bioware as an independent studio and free from EA's greedy grubby paws. But that's not the case so we don't have much choice if we want amazing games to play.
    TLDR I'm supporting BioWare not EA.
  • BioWare are EA. You can justify your purchase with all the mental gymnastics you want, but you are supporting EA, and that vote you're casting with your wallet is a vote for EA.
  • So? EA Have produced some incredible games lately.
  • That's totally irrelevant to the point, which is that you can't say you don't support something if you throw money at it. And it's a matter of opinion on whether they've produced any good games anyway.
  • Ah, yeah sorry. I skimmed over the OP's comment and missed the fact that the guy was going to buy Anthem but not support EA, which is completely backwards.
  • @Sin Ogaris, I actually did state in my comment "It would be naive of me to think EA won't get some of my money". My comment was really directed at EA, given how the WM10 app mangles comments reducing readability I'm not surprised why people didn't see it. I always seperate my comments into paragraphs and easy to read sentences because people skim. Another reason I put the TLDR at the bottom.
  • @Fuzzylumpkin. Read my entire comment, I said "it would be naive of me to think EA won't get some of my money". Given the Windows Central app mangles comments - it removed the clear paragraphing therefore making my comment into a wall of text. Thus reducing readability, I am not surprised why jumped to conclusions of me doing mental gymnastics - people don't generally think on multiple levels nor everyone thinks both objectively and subjectively.
  • I read your entire comment, it's nonsense. The single line you quote highlights the mental gymnastics I spoke of. EA will not get "some" of your money, they'll get all of it. BioWare are a wholly owned studio. Your formatting is fine for me, it is 2018, I am not using Windows mobile. If you have trouble thinking on multiple levels, I suggest you choose objectivity... Subjectivity seems to be severely impairing your ability to think logically.
  • Actually, you are partially correct in the fiscal sense. How do you think how gaming projects are funded, equipment costs covered and the direct source of wages? Plus how will bioware subsidise the free dlc? I suggest instead of attacking someone, you think holistically.
  • But supporting BioWare is supporting EA. EA owns BioWare. However, if the game is free and microtransactions are only limited to cosmetic items, then I have no issues.
  • @Asher Madan. That's what I meant when I said the moment EA get their grubby paws into the franchise, EA love to sneak in microtransactions.
    Furthermore I also indicated I am aware EA will still get some of my money, I put the TLDR at bottom because some people just don't bother to read.
  • How is the game free? I thought just the DLC is, which you can play on top of the main download?
  • Guess you forgot what happened with Battlefront 2?
  • Shepards dead! As much of a ***** I made him, don't think he had any kids so to speak of.
  • You're spot on! If EA stays the hell away from the devs and lets them work we might end up with more titles like the Witcher 3. CD projekt has a lot of qualities other studios should aim to mirror.
  • Reading some comments about this game i can't understand why such a hate, this game for me looks amazing, you have to ask yourself really i want that EA and Bioware disappear?
  • If EA takes a few steps back and lets the studios do what they do best I think they'll start to improve their public image.
  • I don't condone the premature hate. But you cant blame people for being a bit apprehensive about the game considering Biowares debacle with Andromeda. Btw, there is a huge difference between LOOKING amazing and PLAYING amazingly. Hopefully, Anthem will be great.
  • From what I've watched in all the videos it seems like a bit of a boring game, big flashy effects but no real substance to it. And the boss fights are just massive bullet sponges rather than anything tactical as it didn't look like anyone was in fear of dying. This could all be because player abilities were ramped up for the presentations though. However I want it to be good because I really want a really great scifi persistant mmo that isn't Warframe to spend hours in. So I'm going to play the demo/beta whatever is going to be available on EA Access and try it out for myself.
  • Already preordered. Hopefully, it doesn't end up sucking