Anthem Xbox One preorders now live at Microsoft Store

Electronic Arts recently wrapped up its EA Play press conference, where the publisher debuted the biggest batch of Anthem details since its reveal last year. Diving deeper into role-playing gameplay, class-based combat, and progression, we now have a clear idea of the experience in the works.

Following its unveiling, Microsoft has now opened digital preorders for Xbox One copies via Microsoft Store. Both the game's standard edition and "Legion of Dawn" edition can be secured – with bonuses in-store alongside advanced purchases.

Like many triple-A titles, Anthem's standard edition is priced at $59.99 (opens in new tab), which provides access to the base experience. Preorders will also receive "The Ranger Legion of Dawn Armor Pack," a legendary weapon, a founders player banner and access to "public pre-launch play demos."

The premium-tier Legion of Dawn edition is priced at $79.99 (opens in new tab), which locks down additional in-game content for launch. Buyers will receive the complete set of Legion of Dawn Armor Packs for all four classes, alongside a legendary weapon, Javelin gear attachment and a copy of the soundtrack. Preorders will once again be paired with the Founders player banner and access to pre-launch demos.

Anthem is currently scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, across all platforms. Which version are you planning to pick up? Drop into the comments section below with your thoughts.

Matt Brown was formerly a Windows Central's Senior Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • Cool, it launches just after the exam season next year, though I highly doubt I'll get it at launch.
  • Im probably going to pre-order, partly because the game looks good and I will probably play it but also because I like bioware as a developer and I want to support them.
  • Am I the only one not excited about the fact that they’ve already got post launch story DLC planned? What happened to purchasing a game coming with the complete experience? Now, companies just flat out withhold story content to make people pay extra for it. Not even just multiplayer maps.. story content. Remember the hell that Asura’s Wrath caught for this?
  • Two words will explain the greed. Electronic Arts
  • I'm not sure I'd say we can pass judgment on Anthem for that yet. Having plans for post launch story content doesn't necessarily mean that it's story content that they're holding back. Having clear post launch plans can also just show that they have plans of supporting the game after launch.
  • Preorders are killing gaming for me. Season passes are another ripoff, even Bethesda short changed us with their season pass. I was expecting 4 or 5 expansions with decent story like we got with F3 and NV and all we got was 2 and 3 **** base building dlc. They are getting paid without earning it.
  • To complain about games taking pre-orders is just whining for the sake of it, games have been taking pre-orders for years as far back as I can remember.
    The first game I actively remember making a pre-order for is the original pokemon blue when it launched so thats at least 20+ years where pre-orders have been a thing.
    As for season passes, i think they entirely depend on the game and if a person thinks it will be worth it, neither of these things are a requirement to buying a game.
    Maybe you should allow the game to come out before slating it.
  • The first game I remember having a preorders for was Left 4 Dead and it was pretty much what they said it was going to be. What we are saying is that since preorders have become the norm, games seem to be dropping in quality. The only game I've bought this year is Far Cry 5 and if Sony hadn't sent me a code for 20% off I wouldn't have gotten it.
  • You make the assumption that the post launch content is 'ready'. More likely, it isn't even ready. Heck they are probably working tirelessly day and night to get just the base game ready and polished by release day. DLC is more of a 'promise' to keep the game maintained and new content coming along. It is also a way of hedging their investment in the game to see how the market receives it, so they can adjust accordingly. I'd be extremely surprised if they could have all post launch DLC ready to go at release day, just waiting for the go ahead. That'd be amazing.
  • Uh, there has been expansions and Pat launch content for games for years, this isn't new. I'd the information is already on the disc, yeah that's a poor move, but anything else is pretty standard. And hello is rather spend an extra ten or twenty bucks here and there for more story content than just have developers regurgitate fill price sequels or every year.