Anthem's launch trailer makes you feel like Iron Man

Anthem flight
Anthem flight (Image credit: EA)

Anthem is an upcoming shared world third-person shooter from BioWare. BioWare is the studio behind famous franchises like Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Anthem is expected to launch on February 22, 2019.

Today, EA released a launch trailer which focuses on the combat and "Javelin" exosuits. Instead of giving us another glimpse into the story, the video talked about the suit's power and how you have to work together to take down enemies. The visuals are stunning to stay the least, and there is a clear focus on gameplay longevity this time around. We'll just have to see how the final product competes with experiences like Destiny 2.

What are you most looking forward to most from Anthem? Let us know. Recently, the Digital Foundry managed to test out all the versions and concluded that only the Xbox One X offered native 4K resolution on consoles. The PlayStation 4 Pro achieves 1800p. In an earlier analysis, Digital Foundry discovered that there were "checkerboarding" artifacts on all versions — even PC — but that's not the case anymore.

This means that aside from PC, the Xbox One X version should be the cleanest. Hopefully BioWare will be able to iron out the concerning performance issues before launch. Anthem needs to be a polished game when it releases towards the end of this month. However, only time will tell. A lot of gamers are skeptical given how Mass Effect: Andromeda turned out.

Asher Madan

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