AOC announces new affordable G2 series FreeSync gaming displays

What you need to know

  • AOC announces new 1080p IPS gaming displays.
  • 27G2U and 24G2U have a 144Hz refresh rate, while 27G2U5 and 24G2U5 have 75Hz.
  • Prices start from €179 with two of the new monitors arriving in September.

AOC is best known for its gaming PC displays and the company has announced a batch of new 1080p panels making up the G2 series. This new family of displays consists of four models: 27-inch 27G2U and 27G2U5, as well as smaller 24-inch 24G2U and 24G2U5. The main difference between the two displays is the refresh rate. Non-5 monitors come equipped with a 144Hz refresh rate, while the 27G2U5 and 24G2U5 have only a 75Hz refresh rate.

All four AOC displays have support for AMD's FreeSync technology, have a response time of just 1ms, and shielding against motion blur. All this combined should make for quite the butter-smooth gaming experience, especially when taking the IPS panels into account that offer incredible viewing angles and color reproduction. As is the case with most of AOC's gaming displays, these new panels will have striking designs with red accents.

According to the manufacturer, the 27G2U and 24G2U have a 120 percent and 126 percent sRGB gamut coverage rating, respectively. That's pretty good compared to even more pricey monitors. All four panels will offer two HDMI ports, a single DisplayPort, as well as a VGA port for connecting older hardware. AOC's new 27G2U and 24G2U will launch in September with the 27G2U5 and 24G2U5 arriving in October.

Pricing will see you pay €209 ($230) for the 24G2U, €179 ($198) for the 24G2U5, €269 ($297) for the 27G2U, and finally, €219 ($242) for the 27G2U5.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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