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AOL Sync beta launched for mobile devices

Before you start snickering, there are, in fact, people who still use AOL as their main e-mail account. And who are we to judge?

Now AOL is offering a way to sync your calendar, contacts and tasks — but not e-mail (yet) — with your Windows Mobile device.

Powered by Funambol, AOL Sync works with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. There's no mention of 6.1. There's a comprehensive list of supported phones here, though some of the latest and greatest are missing.

So if you're big on AOL for your PIM information, give it a shot and let us know in the comments how it works.


  • I think if still actually use AOL, you probably won't even know what a smartphone is...
  • What did the first paragraph say?!?!?!? :P
  • Just like every synching service, it does not support Tasks. Why did you say it supported Tasks? Is paying for a Remember the Milk Pro account the only way??
  • Won't work for the Blackberry Tour 9630?
    Doesn't give you the option.
    That's lame.