App Folders to WP7? Not any time soon.

We've been tipped off about an interesting bit of polling going on at the (they're a lot like us, but French!) regarding something that all Windows users are all too familiar with.  Folders!

The question raised, "Would you like to be able to categorize your applications?", has caught some attention from their more organized readers. Users who've downloaded a lot of Apps were quick to remark that they don't like having to scroll so much to find the ones at the bottom of the pile.

Pinning the most frequently used apps to the Start Menu solves the problem easily but not at all if you're the kind of person to keep a lot of frequent contacts up there. Even more so if you're the type to collect applications - the Markteplace reached 7,000 apps not too long ago and like we said, there's no end in sight.  The reasoning is there for some users, certainly. Other users, like myself, don't see the need. Not yet anyway.'s writer, Detsch, had apparently submitted this quandary to Microsoft and from what we've gathered from throwing their site through the make-it-english machine (No, not just google translate! I made a real-live French person read it to me in English!) was that Microsoft does not currently think that this functionality is a priority in the evolution of their OS.

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Whether or not there was actual scientific research done to back it up or if any charts were involved is unclear but they claim that they average number of apps used by the average user just doesn't require such a poll-worthy, why-don't-we-have-this, functionality.  Interesting tidbits from the commentors brought up the option of it.  Reminds us a little of Microsoft's position on screen captures.

If folders were eventually included in an update they would prefer it as an option - not a mandate that they had to follow through with. Some presumptions also include folder use for contacts following the lines of Work contacts, Pals, Bowling Team, and things like that. This followed suit with sms and the Games Hub as well with sorted genres.

The most interesting concept of note was not if people would like folders or not but the ability to categorize their apps. Meaning, apps could be categorized and sorted but not necessarily by using folders.

What if they were sorted into specific hubs that opened an additional app listing? That piqued my interest and got me thinking of a better question. If we had the ability to sort or categorize or filter our apps - how would you like it done and how would it work with the Metro UI?

Source:Monsmartphone  Thanks goes out to Gilles for the tip!

Rob Alvarado