App Update Roundup: Navigon bumped to Windows Phone 8.1, My Trips gets redesigned, and more

We're closely approaching the half-way marker this week with only a handful of days remaining until the weekend is upon us all. To help the Wednesday come to a close for many of you, we've compiled some app updates that you may have missed. We'll be touching on the likes of My Trips, Navigon and Amazon.

My Trips

My Trips 5.4

This handy app for travellers enables folk to connect with the travel organization website to synchronize travel plans. After everything has been synchronized, My Trips works offline so you don't need a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection to view your travel plans (pretty handy when you are 30,000 feet up in the clouds). Today, in version 5.4, we're looking at a complete redesign.

We must say it looks even more gorgeous. My Trips has always been a personal favorite of ours here at Windows Phone Central and this latest release just improves that love in every way. We strongly recommend this app, but if you're a frequent user be on the lookout for the new interface.

QR: My Trips


While there are some choices when it comes to navigation apps on Windows Phone, HERE Drive is arguably one of the more popular choices among Windows Phone users, mostly because it's free. But there are plenty of alternatives in the Store that provide features and functions you won't get with a free app. Navigon is one of them. The app has just been updated "for Windows Phone 8.1" but we're not seeing a complete overhaul.

We imagine the graphics have been optimized for 1080p displays, but other than that there's not a whole lot to the update (that we can see anyway). Let us know in the comments if you notice anything else new.

QR: Navigon AU

QR: Navigon EU

QR: Navigon USA


ChatON 2.27

ChatON is Samsung's own proprietary mobile messenger service, available in multiple countries (237 stated on the store page) and supports 63 languages. The Windows Phone app has been updated with the following:

  • You can receive 'Recent story' notifications about your friends. (When a friend joins ChatON or when someone adds you as a ChatON buddy, you will immediately receive a notification.)
  • The ChatON Team will let you know about new ChatON features and special events.
  • ChatON now supports Spanish.
  • Hyperlinks are now supported in ChatON.

If you're an owner of a Samsung Windows Phone, be sure to check out ChatON and get chatting with the many other users.

QR: ChatON



Vevo is a joint venture between Sony Music, Universal Music, EMI, and Abu Dhabi Media, and has a pretty neat Windows Phone app available, which has just picked up an update. The app enables consumers to follow their favorite artists, providing yet more ways for the labels to make money. That said, if you enjoy music, it's an app worth downloading. Here's what is new in this latest release:

  • All new design
  • New real-time feed
  • Vevo TV now has three channels: Hits (Pop), Flow (Hip-Hop / Rap), and Nashville (Country)
  • Improved playlist management

It's quite the update. Be sure to check the app out if you haven't already done so.


Odds and ends

And here are some miscellaneous updates we've been made aware of:

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  • Everything is getting more stable, It's up to developers to update their apps.
  • Cool!
  • That Vevo update is BOSS. Finally a Hip-hop Station. Good update.
  • Saw amazon get an update earlier today
  • WhatsApp is still not in the list (it works awesome for me just hate static sound)
  • Damn, I'm glad I bought Navigon back when it was only $20something bucks.. It's price has more than doubled!
  • +20sommething!
  • Since the latest blue skies update, my live tile has stopped working. Also when I open the app a white pop up appears as if to display a message but its blank. I just hit back and the weather updates as per
  • An update's on it's way to fix that! :)
  • Hope right away
  • It's been submitted just need to wait for Microsoft to publish it
  • Thanks for the info!
  • And vevo
  • I don't see anything new in Navigon either.  With the previous version it did not work well with my car stereo and bluetooth.  What would happen is that after it gave me the next set of directions, my music would resume from the beginning of the song instead of where I left off before Navigon gave me instructions.
  • Blue Skies is broken sort of... Dev working on a fix though.
  • Good cuz mine is broke too
  • The update to fix it has been submitted, just waiting for Microsoft to publish it!
  • VEVO update is awesome!!!!
  • +1 Better design and VEVO TV
  • Good plan was updated too. I added new languages, transparent and bigger font tile for WP8.1
  • Zombie Apps.......
  • Timber, The Verge and Pocket Expolrer also update today :)
  • Yay, they finally fixed Navigon. Since updating to 8.1 the voice guidance would stop working after a couple of minutes on my Jabra Freeway bluetooth speakerphone. It would start off fine with voice and then just stop giving the voice prompts while the on screen directions were still working. It pissed me off because I kept having to look at the screen and guessing where to turn next. Since this update, everything is back to normal on my 925. Navigon is still lacking a couple of things, but it's still my favorite nav app.
  • Awesome!  I was wondering if the update was going to fix that when I updated this morning.  
  • Great.. Now i am able fix navigation. Nice Trips.   Regards Apphinge
  • Isn't the price for Navigon too much? ._.
  • I'm thinking the same. Is it worth of every penny?
    Costliest app on the store?
  • I just noticed that 6snap has now transparent tile.
  • Mytrips update isn't showing up for me.