AppRaisin for Windows 10 PC and Mobile aims to make finding new apps easier

It can be hard sometimes to find new and cool apps in the Windows Store. That's why AdDuplex, best known for their in-app ad network for Microsoft's Windows platforms, has created AppRaisin. It's now available as a universal app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and gives users a chance to make their voice heard on what apps should get the most attention.

AdDuplex says:

"Users decide what news raise to the top by "raising" the apps they like and ignoring the noise. This way enthusiasts get to make sure that top of the crop apps get the attention they deserve and less active users get a curated list of just the best app news. The system works similar to other social news sites like Digg, Reddit, Hacker News or Product Hunt - developers and enthusiasts post latest app news while wider community votes on them to raise the most noteworthy items up the chart. The rank of each item is based on multiple parameters including time - meaning that fresher news raise to the top while older favorites gradually slide down. This way users get a constantly fresh, curated list of new apps and important updates."

AdDuplex plans to add more features to AddRaisin in future versions:

"A bunch of new features is underway, including more social stuff like user pages, comments and other, but the very core that should bring back the joy of discovering great new apps and games is already there."

Download AppRaisin for Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile (opens in new tab)

QR: AppRaisin

  • Download link?
  • WP 8.1?
  • I believe this is UWP. For Windows 10
  • Wow what a program to show some limitations of the store
  • Lol
  • Really nice app to discover new apps I haven't installed yet.
  • The only thing making it hard to find apps in the store is Microsoft's store search engine/algorithm, it's horrible
  • Add to the fact that it's so pedantic that being one character off can produce some wild results.
  • I searched raisin and no results, had to write AppRaisin for it to appeared..
  • i acttlually get what i want xD and i love that in the searchbox i see the icons of the apps now so i know the app i want to tap to :3
  • I downloadedit but it shows me nothing.Should I do something;
  • Kinda little biased
  • Wow, this app helped me discovering some great apps in the Windows Store (Win10) that I had no idea existed :)
  • man the new search in the W10M store is awesome. you write what you wish and immediatly app matches start showing up. nice detail :)