Are Surface Headphones 2 sweat- or water-resistant?

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Are Surface Headphones 2 sweat- or water-resistant?

Best answer: The Surface Headphones 2 aren't rated for resistance to either water or sweat, so for working out, you'd be better off getting the Surface Earbuds or something like the Bose SoundSport Free.Workout buds: Bose SoundSport Free ($149 at Amazon)Surface for your ears: Surface Earbuds ($199 at Microsoft)

No rating so hit the gym at your own risk

The Surface Headphones 2 aren't exactly cheap at $250, and they come with no rating for sweat- or water-resistance. So while you can wear them while you exercise (just the same as you can wear them while skydiving) it's not recommended.

Without a rating, the chances are that they'll degrade over time, and no-one wants that. The Surface Headphones 2 will handle mild perspiration, the sort you get wearing them on a warm day or a hot plane, not after a serious workout.

Go for wireless in-ear headphones instead

Besides the lack of a suitable rating, the Surface Headphones are pretty massive. You're not going to find a similarly high-end set of specifically sweat-resistant over-ear headphones right now, in part because the drivers are exposed.

A better option is a pair of sweat- and water-resistant wireless in-ear headphones. They're still cable-free, which is essential in the gym, but most importantly, you'll be comfortable, and your headphones won't break down on you when you're working up a sweat.

Surface Buds are an excellent choice

Surface Earbuds carry an IPX4 rating, which makes them much more suitable for wearing while you exercise as they'll be able to stand up to an amount of liquid contact.

Obviously, earbuds have to compromise in places when compared to over-ear headphones, but the Surface Earbuds promise an almost identical overall experience outside of sound quality. The same features are built into both, and with the added bonus that the Earbuds are $50 less.

Alternative at a lower price

Headphones specifically for exercising are plentiful, which means there's always an alternative out there. The Bose SoundSport Free lacks most of the features you find on the Surface Headphones 2 or Surface Earbuds, but make up for it by sounding great and costing a decent amount less.

So, your music will sound great, your headphones won't perish, and your wallet will have more cash left in it! For even more great suggestions, check out the expert round-up from our pals over at Android Central.

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