Are you preordering Microsoft's Surface Go? (poll)

The new Surface Go is expected to be released on Thursday, August 2. And with a $399 starting price, it's Microsoft's most affordable Surface ever, making it seemingly well-suited for use by kids and in academic settings. But it's certainly not only for those users, and lots of different types of people could benefit for a smaller, more portable and more affordable Surface PC.

At Windows Central, we're super psyched about this one. And many of us have already preordered on. We're seeing a lot of excitement around it from our readers, too, so it seemed like a good time to whip up a poll to see just how many are preordering versus waiting.

Personally, I preordered my Surface Go within minutes of it becoming available on Microsoft's site. I'm a big fan of the two Surface PCs I own, and I've been wanting a smaller version for media consumption and general couch surfing, and the Go looks like a perfect fit, especially for $400.

But what say you? Let us know by voting in the poll below, and then jump on over to our forums to sound off with specifics in a related thread. Ready … set … (Surface) Go!

From the forums: So who has pre ordered a Surface Go?

Al Sacco

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