Army of Two and Soltrio Solitaire come to Xbox backward compatibility

Another couple of games are hitting the Xbox backward compatibility list today, adding to a large and steadily growing roster of Xbox 360 titles. Included in this latest release are Army of Two and Soltrio Solitare.

For those unfamiliar, Army of Two is a third-person shooter from EA that hit Xbox 360 in 2008. The game, which centers around two mercenaries, saw two sequels in the following years. Here's a quick description of what to expect from the game's listing:

When one man is not enough, it will take an army of two to fight through war, political turmoil and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world.

As for Soltrio Solitaire, the game throws the usual combination of solitaire games at you with some unique modes and expansion packs. You can even build your own card decks with pieces you collect in the game's "Voyage" mode.

Neither game is likely to make a big splash, but it's always good to have more games on the roster. If you already own either of these titles, you should be able to start playing them now on your Xbox One.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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