This week's episode of #AskDanWindows I field questions from users about why open-sourcing Windows 10 Mobile won't work (and why it's a bad idea), how does Microsoft Office run on Windows 10 on ARM, should Microsoft released a tethered HoloLens and more!

Audience questions Episode 49

  • Should Microsoft open-source the Windows 10 Mile platform? - ASM Khen

  • Is it possible for Microsoft to release a tethered AR headset, i.e. HoloLens but wired, so that it can be set at a lower price point for consumers? - Maxwell F

  • You intrigued me with the HP Envy x2 review. What about Microsoft Office for Windows on ARM? Is it there? How's the performance? - @atlan1504

  • How is the recent refocus on Cortana any different from Windows Mobile? - constantreader16

Thanks to everyone for the questions!

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