Surface Go and eGPUs, the state of AR and VR, and more on #AskDanWindows 53

It's been a few weeks since our last #AskDanWindows episode where I answer the questions you have about Microsoft, Surface and more.

This week we're talking about Thunderbolt 3 and Surface Go, will Microsoft merge its To-Do and notetaking apps, a little bit about Edge and the Microsoft Store, and what's the deal with Windows mixed reality - all hype, or is something there?

Grab a coffee and tune in!

Audience questions Episode 53

  • Would it be possible to connect an external GPU to the Surface Go through the USB-C connector? - Arnaud van der Gaag
  • Is AR/VR already becoming an afterthought in the tech world, and for consumers? - Rodneyej
  • Do you have any news on when or if the Edge browser will move into the Microsoft Store - agd87
  • Will Microsoft ever merge its multiple To-Do Apps? - stewardrose

Thanks to everyone for the questions!

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  • leak andromeda!
  • mjf said it was canceled
  • MJF said it was being reviewed, it sounds like some issues with Core OS are being fixed, but Core OS is definitely not on hold
  • ..
  • I agree there seems to be some views of "How would people use this?", "How would this make sense" but then 11- 12 years ago some people thought a touch screen mobile phone was a crazy idea, and never catch on.
  • If MS doesn't announce Surface Andy during the 10/2 event, they should say goodbye to the dual screen mini pc market...
  • If Android dual screens don't do XPA, standardize pen API, OneDrive on Demand equivalent, full Photoshop for light usage, IDE like VisualStudio for light programming... I'll be glad to through away my Nexus when Win10 small or dual screen device's out.
  • Visual Studio for light programming??? have you ever used it...?
  • Yes, and you can choose what is installed but for lower end devices VS code is much better.
  • canceled, read zdnet
  • I am not expecting anything about Andromeda until Build 2019 at the earliest. If it is released in 2019, realistically, Fall 2019.
  • If they're waiting that long, they better not do it at all to avoid embarrassment!
  • Fall 2019 is not that long.
  • Releasing it now would be too late. By the end of next year Samsung will be on their second generation folding screen. The beta version is about to be announced and by the end of 2019 Samsung will be rolling out the second generation designed for the masses. Microsoft has no way to compete with that. No folding screen and not ecosystem for a touch based device.
  • Has there been a first generation folding device by Samsung? I am just asking a question. Thanks
  • They should announce the first gen at the end of 2018, therefore the second gen would be at the end of 2019.
  • No, not yet, but they announced their roadmap earlier this year. They will announce gen 1 soon and they plan to have the mass market gen 2 by the end of 2019.
  • never, it was canceled
  • Same like Windows Phone!
  • "want your product to be better and not worry about the other guys are doing", to me sounds like what I have been saying for ages - office politics and very petty office politics at that. Which in turn drastically reduces communication as a result we get alot of over lap. Skype is a key example of total mismanagement and poor communication, the irony is that is the Skype was the defacto communications platform and now it is as useful as lead boots in quick sand. Because they wanted to be another IM client instead of building upon the framework they already had.