Atlus survey asks if Xbox fans would like to get JRPGs like Persona, Shin Megami Tensei

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Persona 5 Strikers Joker Captured (Image credit: Windows Central)

Xbox has a notorious problem with JRPGs, although the situation has improved in recent years. Historically, Xbox missed out on many great and classic Japanese RPGs and other games, with the famous Persona franchise being among the most-wanted of the lot. In this year's annual Atlus survey, however, there may be a glimmer of hope.

Every year, famed Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) publisher Atlus sends out a survey to gain feedback from its fans and community. The company has also published its survey in English, specifically to gauge feedback from North American countries.

Question 38 of the lengthy survey pertains to the famous Persona franchise, whose anime leanings and turn-based tactical combat has won itself millions of fans across the globe. The mainline franchise has long been absent from Xbox, although spinoffs like Persona 4 Arena have hit the box in the past, and the upcoming SMT spinoff Soul Hackers 2 has already been announced for Xbox, to fans' surprise.

Question 38 asks fans what platforms they would like to play Persona on, with one option reading "I would want to play on Xbox," alongside smartphones, VR, PlayStation, alongside other major platforms.

Persona Survey

Source: Atlus (Image credit: Source: Atlus)

While this is by no means a guarantee Atlus would consider putting mainline games like Persona 4 Golden or Persona 5 Royal on Xbox, it does at least offer an opportunity for Xbox fans to make their voices heard. We have long called on Xbox to expand its support of Japan and JRPGs, and if Xbox fans feel the same way, this is a unique opportunity to offer feedback.

The survey can be found in English right over here. While we wait (and hope) for Persona, there are dozens of other great JRPGs on Xbox to try in the interim.

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