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AT&T launches Digital Life in 15 U.S. Markets

A little while ago we mentioned the AT&T Digital Life app that allows you to control various aspects of your home from your Windows Phone. With the service you can control everything from locking/unlocking your front door to turning on the lights to monitoring your security system.  The problem back in March, when the app first appeared, was that the Digital Life service wasn't available.

Today AT&T announced that the Digital Life service has launched in fifteen U.S. Markets including Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Boulder, Colo., Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Riverside, Calif., San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis and select areas of the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area. AT&T plans to introduce Digital Life in up to 50 markets by the end of 2013.

AT&T Digital Life

The cost? There will be two packages to choose from: Simple Security and Smart Security.

Simple Security is a standard alarm system with sensors, an HSPA-based base station and a 24-hour backup battery, for $30 a month and a one-time installation fee of $150.

Smart Security has a few more bells and whistles. The basic version starts at $40 a month, with a $250 installation fee, and includes your choice of three additional features including a motion sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, glass break sensor, smoke sensor or a takeover kit. From there you can add on additional packages, like energy management or a camera system, for between $5 and $10 a month, plus the cost of installation.

I guess on the plus side, the app is free.  Still, we imagine that $30 a month for a basic home security system will end up being rather competative with similar systems.

You can check all the details on AT&T's Digital Life here at AT& (opens in new tab) and you can find the Digital Life app here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.  Keep in mind, the app is only available for AT&T Windows Phone 8 devices.

Source: AT&T (opens in new tab)

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  • Let me download it on my 810 on tmobile
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  • To hell with monthly fees!! Buy
    a MiCasa Verde and download Grasshopper app from the Marketplace and do it yourself and save big$$$. I did it, you can too:)
  • Holy crap wow I never knew about MiCasa Verde... I didn't even know about Grasshopper! Sweet stuff... I am already messing with the Philips Hue lights and like the idea of controling stuff through my phone and now I am thinking I'll pick up one of those smart thermostats now! \
    Whoever is working at AT&T and keeps thinking we want to pay them for something we can do for free seriously needs a good kick in the ars! I mean the AT&T website looks amazing but there is no way in hell anyone should be tricked into this and same goes for that Navigation App! 
    If AT&T cares about us they should sell the package without a monthly fee and offer some kind of monthly monitoring package for people who might be going out of town or some odd reason! 
  • We use Vivint and there's already an app for that to allow me to remotely control anything that's connected to the system.  Since it use Z-Wave technology, there are a lot of choices as to devices we can connect.
  • Yeah but there is a monthly fee as far as I have read for Vivint? There are many free ways to do it according to what I just read using Grasshopper with MiCasa Verde system...
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