AT&T Lumia 830 comes with two dual-use Qi/PMA wireless charging covers in green, black

Starting in early November, AT&T is expected to begin selling the new Nokia Lumia 830 in addition to the HTC One for Windows. The two phones offer different price points for those looking for a new Windows Phone, and they should bode well for the 'premier' Windows Phone carrier this holiday season.

Yesterday, we reported that Qi wireless charging is included with the AT&T version. This turnaround is important since AT&T had previously shied away from supporting Qi, instead backing the alternative PMA wireless charging standard. Today, we can expand this further with more details.

The AT&T Lumia 830 will come with two wireless charging covers in the box: one in black, one in green. The colors themselves are of little surprise since they are revealed on Microsoft's site for the US Lumia 830 version, seen in the above render. What is surprising is that both covers are offered in the box, letting users switch between green or black, depending on their preference. Observe that the AT&T Lumia 830 use the black metal frame instead of the silver/grey one, contrasting nicely with the green back cover.

Perhaps more interestingly, the covers for the AT&T Lumia 830 are dual-use PMA and Qi enabled. This the first time we have heard of such a cover, and it is very exciting for users who like choice. In theory, you will be able to toss the Lumia 830 on a PMA-enabled charger at Starbucks while using their Microsoft Qi accessories at home with no fuss.

Potential customers can expect the Lumia 830 to hit store shelves on Friday, November 7. Pricing has yet to be announced, but we are guessing it will be aggressive, coming in the $99 mark or less with a contract.

Has any of this information changed your mind about getting a Lumia 830?

Daniel Rubino

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