AT&T Lumia 950 digital signage spotted in Fresno store

There is still no firm launch date for the AT&T Lumia 950 here in the U.S., but we know it is coming soon. This video was taken tonight at the ATT Store of the Future in Fresno and it clearly shows the Lumia 950 along with the line 'Windows 10 Office Anywhere'.

AT&T is expected to start selling the Lumia 950 by the end of November, and we have heard Friday the 20th. Seeing as Windows 10 Mobile build 10586 is the likely candidate for release, AT&T should be in the beginning stages of approving the software.

At least we know it is coming. What do you think of the in-store promo?

Thanks, dc, for the video!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Can't wait
  • Umm that is a 550 I suppose...
  • That's a 950. You can tell because of the 950 right under the phone.
  • not sure if trolling or.....
  • That gives me an idea. Wouldn't a 950 with continuum make a great digital signage device?
  • It could, but it's a little expensive for that. You're better off with one of those Intel PC sticks 
  • Yeah but then you have two separate devices. If you're going to get the phone then the Continuum dock isn't much more than a decent PC stick and you'd have to buy a keyboard and mouse with a PC stick anyways.
  • If by AT&T approval you mean add a shit load of bloat and interfere with future software are 100% correct
  • This isn't Android, they can have apps preloaded but you can easily uninstall them
  • But can anyone explain why a carrier have to give his aprovel over the software on a phone.
  • It's part of the contracts between manufacturer and carrier, if Microsoft doesn't give them a say then they won't carry the phone. Because iPhone is unfortunately so popular, Apple can just say no to this and the carriers will still agree and sell the phones because there's too much profit involved. When Windows 10 mobile gets into the position that millions of people are demanding their carriers for it and switching carriers if they don't have the latest device then Microsoft will finally have the same power that Apple has and will not need to bend at all for carries. And ultimately this can be a really good thing for consumers, if you look at Sim cards, we only have micro and Nano sims because of Apple, and from what I've read we will get programmable sims soon also because of Apple (The sim will be built into the phone rather than removable and phone companies have to deal with that or they won't get the new iPhones etc.)
  • Oh man... sims being built into the phone sounds terrible. So I would have to drag the carrier into it every time I want to switch phones, rather than just popping the sim into the new phone myself? Yikes.
  • No I don't think that will be the idea of it. And personally I would love to see a phone without a sim card, and for your phone number to just be available on any phone by "logging in" to that phone. Sim cards in general are so 1990s.
  • Google Voice is awesome. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's the idea. Hopefully it will prevent theft of the iPhone if the thief has to take the phone to a carrier to be activated. It's a terrible idea because it also makes it troublesome to sell.
  • Actually, I believe carriers do test Apple's software but they have to meet the deadlines set by Apple.
  • If that's the case or not, it's still because of the huge power that Apple holds over phone carriers, Microsoft really needs to reach a similar level to avoid the problems of the past, the day I see carrier staff excited about a Windows device and actually recommending it will be when Microsoft has finally got their claws in the market for real.
  • Yes I understand that there is a contract for some reason. But is not the carrier who determine which phone can acces the network. En not the phone and softwaremaker. What in my opinion is very odd. The carrier or the phone maker, should not have any power to say of they can acces or not the network or to change the software because of the carrier.
    Do you not have a government who is quit strikt in what is aloud and what not.?
    Creating a sim card in the phone self's is most idiot what they can do, unless the chips er programmable for anny network by the owner of the phone.
  • I think the whole point is that it will work the same way as sims do now if you want to move phone or move network, it just won't actually have the removable sim card, in apples case the reason they will want this is to shave off 1g from the phones weight most likely, pretty sure that's why they wanted micro and nano sims in the first place. It's a good thing all round I think but only if carriers have no control over it, like you say if you have to call up the carrier to change it will be hell.
  • Its because the device will be on their network. ATT will get the calls if the phone drops calls or has problems with messaging. They want to approve it to make sure it works right and will not be a headache to them. Now, thats the legit reason, but this gets abused far too much as a bargaining tool with manufacturers.
  • Yeah, abuse is the right word for sure, in the end it only hurts consumers and it's annoying that no phone companies seem to care about.
  • It is just a phone, like all others. The software is not changing that. So I am pretty sur that the dropping phone call thing is not the reason.
  • It's something akin to Job-Security in AT&T Upper Management called 'Cooperate Contrivance'. What they do is setup a catered breakfast/lunch weekend at a very posh Member Only Golf Club in the Caribbean. They use the ‘Testing Fee’ Microsoft pays them for the entire cost of the jaunt, including private and chartered jets, meeting, accommodations, adult entertainment, boos, etc and a Hush Hush ‘Lumia 950 Pity-Party Party Cake’ made by, Duff Goldman owner of City Charm Cakes and star of Food Networks hit series ‘Ace of Cakes’. They scoff at the phone, get drunk, play golf, cheat on their wives and husbands, and decide where they will place the companies ‘Death Star Logo’; then it’s back to the States for the next round of meetings. The following Monday, they have a page take it down to the AT&T Sith Lord to devise a Carrier Device Lock System even a Master Jedi can’t get out of for two years. A second device is shuttled off to the ‘Nerd-Quarters’ section to install AT&T Navigator, Billing Support, Find My Family and the rest of the cruft only AT&T can provide. ;) They then burn into the EPROM all the AT&T support numbers into your address book; another nice touch. Whist all this is happening they have the secretary in charge of the cafeteria staff find someone who will be free the following Wednesday afternoon. She is asked to get someone that is thin, of clear completion and has the ability to come across with that ‘Step Up and Have a Large Soda’ mentality. That Wednesday the cafeteria employee, after being instructed on the use of a teleprompter, reads the Lumia 950 sales pitch that will be viewed by sales staff in every AT&T store and reseller. The video ends with the current quarterly sales promotions of the Free-Trip incentive given based on the number of 2yr iOS and Android contacts that can be sold. The money left over from Microsoft provides AT&T enough leftover scratch to get a few posters and one really cool display for the Fresno Store. Then when the Lumia 950 goes on sale Friday November 20th, AT&T staff far and wide will begin guiding customers away from the phones near the bathroom over to the iOS and Galaxy devices they are incentivized to sell. That’s why it takes so long. There’s no actual carrier equipment testing. That would be a waste of money, Microsoft already paid the FCC to check the radios. If someone would just script this into the following video, I think it would all make more sense:  PS: I'm getting an Unlocked 950 XL direct from Microsoft and I'll switch between AT&T and T-Mobile whenever I damn well please.
  • The sad thing about this whole situation is what you've just said is exactly what happens. Screw at&t.
  • I've always been suspicious of those exotic golf clubs. And then everybody has sex.
  • So true... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • At&t approval means their salespeople have been approved to talk the product down. I keep asking here in new York and either they ask why I want that and not an iPhone or Android, our they just look at me like I have 2 heads. At&t never advocated for the product and I doubt they will this time. personally,I can't wait to be able to buy one!
  • Still pushing Office as a main feature? Smh. They have no idea how to advertise.
  • Maybe you aren't their target market, then. MS is pushing to be the "get stuff done" company, with office being the "get stuff done" program. So it makes sense to advertise office with their phones
  • You can get office on any OS. It's not a standout feature anymore.
  • The problem is windows 10 mobile still us below level compared to android and ios, and it has many unacceptable bugs. Will they really release it like this?
  • yes you are right..I tried using 10586 on fast ring last 2 days but its full of hotspot, no messaging notifications etc. im back on 8.1 now Lumia 925
  • What?? Every issue you just listed, I have no problems with any of them.....
  • Any word on the XL for att
  • AT&T never announced the XL, so odd question.
  • why not, they have lumia 640 XL here in NY
  • They originally said that they will carry both the 640 and 640 xl, so this is a weak point.
  • And don't they carry both the 640 and 640 xl?
  • Why is that odd?
  • Its not odd. Mr. Rubino is not being considerate. It's a valid question. The phone hasn't been released yet and the guy who asked the question just wants a little hope and clarification on whether the phone will be carried since AT&T agreed to carry the cheaper version. I don't think AT&T said, "no, we will not be carrying the 950xl." Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Even Dan is discouraging people from buying these phones! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's exactly what he's asking. AT&T never really "announced" the regular 950 either, other than throwing the "coming soon" page up on their site... (and now I guess these digital in-store promos). Microsoft announced the 950 and 950XL together however, so I don't think it's an "odd" question at all Dan.
  • Actually, AT&T had a press release announcing they'd carry the 950 a day or two after MS announced the phone.
  • I never saw that. But even if they did, that still doesn't make Busted Knuckle's question "odd". He asked if there's any word on the XL for AT&T; a completely relevant, on topic, and legitimate question.
  • Drop it, Dan says odd things at times. No need to be thin skinned.
  • yeah, he is the editor in chief after all! ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well I guess you solved the age old question, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it - does it make a sound?
    Obviously, since YOU didn't hear it, it couldn't have happened.
  • Sound is the perception of vibration. So if there's no being there to perceive the vibration then it didn't make a sound. Science answered this question and put it to rest a long time ago. :-)
  • You are confusing physics (sound exists regardless of perception) with physiology and psychology (pure perception). The former is objective; the latter are subjective.
  • I find it odd that your concerned about this. I saw the post...and moved on. But not yours ;-)
  • It's still in their website. Came out the afternoon they were officially announced by Microsoft.
  • If they already announced it, then it would be an odd question. Since they didn't, asking if there was any word on it what so ever, makes perfect sense.
  • at&t did tweet that they would carry the 950 XL
  • Why is that an "odd question"? I have the same question. AT&T has said nothing that I've heard, about the 950XL. Is there any word on whether they'll be selling it? Posted from this here device.
  • at&t confirmed they will be carrying the 950 XL starting this month
  • As others have said not odd at all, and since people here are saying they tweeted they would be carrying the phone its a perfectly logical question Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I heard AT&T won't carry the XL till Jan, strange.. Guess I'll be hitting MS Store when it's released soon..
  • at&t has said both 950 and 950 XL coming in November
  • There's been conflicting reports on this from AT&T reps, Lumia Facebook, even MS store. As I'm up for an upgrade on AT&T I want to know this too.
  • Time and time again it's been proven that reps and even spokesmen have no idea what they're talking about.
  • They probably don't realize there is a difference. They just hear 950. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This! lol you're probably exactly right. I was lurking around the AT&T community forums the other night, and saw an AT&T Rep post referring to them as "Nokia Lumia 950s". They answered someone with "we won't know anything until Nokia launches the product" lol
  • Unless i can buy an att 950xl for less than the MS store 950xl..ill get mine from MS. And of course only ifs not a hobbled version
  • Unfortunately I'll prolly buy them via AT&T Next24
  • Well... 950XL isn't available on AT&T Next so not sure how you're gonna do that. It's 950 or nothing unfortunately. For that, I await the surface phone
  • That may be true but we actually don't know that. They haven't announced anything other than the 950 (kind of, in a round about, vague, non specific way) but that doesn't mean they wont announce it later in the month.
  • How is it that you *know* AT&T won't be offering the XL and you know the certain existence of the mythical Surface Phone? Posted from this here device.
  • the "mythical" surface phone.
  • Let's have Rhett and Link spin the Wheel of Mythicality with a Surface Phone
  • Microsoft should offer a phone purchase plan similar to Apple's.
  • I was considering coming back to windows phone. However, if there's no next plan I'll probably get the galaxy s6 edge plus. My wife will end up with the 950 as she hates android and really dislikes iphone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Another" site is claiming it's available for preorder on the US MS Store site in an article about it passing through the FCC... but it's not.
    This is good to see though as I need a new phone ASAP, I've been holding onto this POS 830 for far too long.
  • Pos 830??? Always liked how it performed, especially on the latest build, did you try that?
  • I'm on it now. No software will fix the 830 problems.
  • Really curious what your pos 830 does not do...
  • Well... I'm on my 4th one because the capacitive buttons didn't work (still not perfect on this one), GPS is slow, I just got Denim a month ago, Bluetooth cuts out, screen rotation doesn't work right, it gets really hot (metal frame), touch screen is unresponsive sometimes, camera button is loose (all 4 were like this)... Frankly, this is the worst built Nokia I've ever owned.
  • I have the 830. No problems here other than small screen, low resolution and low end chip. But performs well despite that and is the best looking phone to date. Though the xl looks better with a nice hard cover.
  • 'Small screen' is definitely a relative (and subjective) term here, it's at the upper limit for comfortable use for me.
  • Forced to agree with you. I have a love/hate relationship with my 830 (crappy ATT variant). The experience has been less than stellar.
  • I've never used the 830 but always thought it looked cheap.
  • I was out with a friend who works at Verizon tonight. Apparently the former Nokia (now presumably Microsoft) rep told them they will be getting one of the new phones. Although I still find it strange that we haven't heard anything yet on here.
  • If they do, it won't be for months... even if it's announced tomorrow.
  • That's potentially promising!
  • nice to see a carrier advertising a phone that's not from Apple, Samsung, or LG
  • This.
  • MSFT needs the ads so that their OS market share can gain market share on the mobile side. I hope other major us carriers would follow suit.
  • Unfortunately, the other carriers' idea of advertising is bury the phone in their online store and tell no one it is there, then pull it claiming lack of sales. Oh, John Legere, so cute the way you "sell" Windows Phone/Mobile.
  • Yup, lets just hope they told their reps about them. Honestly att seemed open to selling any device you came in to look at, and they actually stocked them. Verizon did neither. Verizon stinks more than a dumpster at a restaurant on a hot busy day.
  • I've been in a ton of AT&T and Verizon stores in the PA/NJ/NY region and while I agree that AT&T seems willing to sell you any device, I've never seen an AT&T store with a front and center Windows Phone display, haven't even seen one that is even at the front end of the store. Verizon had them in the front of the store 8 times out of 10. I'm mighty pissed at Verizon and hope things will change, but aside from carrying Windows Phones, I haven't seen the physical AT&T stores doing much in the way of promoting them very well. That includes when the 920 debuted. Maybe it's location specific, but I don't have the same faith in AT&T and their Windows love as others do.
  • "This just in: Windows Phone advertised by carrier in actual store. Retail boxes not used to build fort in break room out back. We have the exclusive eyewitness interview." "In unrelated news, hell has frozen over. Later on, 'What are Apple fans lining up for this time? And will it give them diarrhea?' Tune in at 11 to find out."
  • =D
  • Now that's what I call real science fiction. Have Michael Bay direct. Cause if you don't, MS will hire Uwe Boll.
  • Ah very good. I'm excited to have one of these new phones soon. But I want the xl.
  • I'm keeping AT&T for service but holding out for a deal on an unlocked 950 XL. Probably MS store. Hopefully by Christmas. A bundle or trade in offer would be great though!
  • Prediction:
    Microsoft will sell the 950 and 950XL with AT&T and T-Mobile cell phone plans and unlocked version in the MS Stores. Posted via Spaceship One
  • Reality:  Microsoft will sell both unlocked and the 950 for AT&T, just like they sell carrier phones at their stores now.  There's no reason for them to sell a T-Mobile variant if T-Mobile doesn't push the phone in their retail stores. 
  • This guess work is beyond silly. I really hope microsoft can improve this going forward "coming soon" is just getting annoying at this point. My co-worker keeps asking me about it, because his 1520 is dysfunctional and I want one also to replace my 1+ one that was pretty much wack out of the box.
  • If this ever became a reality, it would be sick!!! I'll be all over it, like many, I'm sure.
  • The rendering looks amazing but that type cover is unrealistic. No one would find the type cover useful on a device that size.
  • How are we supposed to know which night to camp out in front of the store so we can be first in line?  These things take some lead time to arrange, you know.
  • Lol
  • Coming sooner?
  • Hope there is some way to next a XL
  • Well guess I won't get neither one of those because I want the XL and no, I don't want to buy it outright.
  • You could buy it out right by financing it yourself. It's better. Then you won't be indebted and locked to a carrier. You could try other carriers for a month, if you wanted. You would have the freedom of choice.
  • Incredible that we'd get a date so soon. Wait....
  • Need the xl
  • Have bought an iphone to hold me over. My 1520 was going down every day and Microsoft wants to play "Guess Who" with the release date. 
  • I might buy a phone to hold me over too. (Probably the new One Plus X) My 1020 screen is coming off, the screens flickers or goes black during phones calls which is annoying. I would rather wait for the surface phone if it ever actually gets announced.
  • You could always get the 1020 fixed? An entirely new display will still likely cost much less than a decent new phone would. Then save your money for whatever comes next. :)
  • Hold you over for what? 15 days? It's not like the 950/xl's are a year away
  • Until a solid date is given, I wouldn't hold my breath. This is Micrsoft, it wouldn't be surprising if the phones don't actually come out until January. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Are you running 10? My 1520 screen goes black too...
  • You could buy a great phone on Ebay or other places and get a great phone to use until the new Windows Phones arrive.
  • Hold you over for 3 weeks tops? I'm confused. Do you really think you're going to be waiting much longer?
  • Depends, noticing how I havent heard an "official date" for the 950xL that I have pre-ordered it could be 3 weeks it could be longer.
  • Could be a year.
  • How's the experience with that so far? One thing that annoys me about the iPhone is that it has a very boring interface and pretty much no customization options. But of course, the availability of all apps, updated all the time, etc is a big point for it too. So I'm hesitating now between the 950xl and iPhone What do you think so far?
  • After having used my Iphone for only a full day, I'm already happy. A lot of the apps I used on Windows Phone lagged or didnt render properly. On the iPhone, everything works properly and with great fluidity. Two examples, Spotify and SoundCloud work much better on the iPhone and actually sync better with my car. More than likely I'm going to return my iPhone back because I just bought a Band 2 and that doesn't work well as I miss replying to messages on my phone so I'm just trying it out. I see why people leave Windows for iPhones now, it's a smoother experience.
  • You must have one of those Lumia 1520 with touch issues.
  • I want the 950XL on T mobile!
  • so buy it and use it with T-Mobile
  • This and in that order.
  • After TMobile pulled *all* Windows phones from their physical and online stores a couple months ago, this became our only option. John Legere is totally full of excrement if he thinks that is how you work with a phone vendor.
  • What if the phone vendor has a solid history of horrible sales? Microsoft doesn't have any leverage at all in mobile. They are largely irrelevant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why its so difficult for MS to announce the actual launch date of these phones ?
  • I think the issue is that it's not theirs to announce. They give that to AT&T for being willing to carry the phone. Unfortunately, AT&T doesn't seem to want to announce it. Although if the 950 really did just pass FCC certification, that may be one reason... hard to have a solid date without the approval to sell it.
  • Because they have not finished a very important part of the phone yet, the software. Windows 10.
  • I'm like 20 mins from there. Gotta find out which one it is.
  • Lumia play
    Lumia office
    Lumia professional
    Lumia surface
  • Just curious, what's the differential cost between buying a L950 from AT&T under contract or directly from an MS Store in the states.
  • Nobody knows yet.
  • My 830's ear piece doesn't make sound in phone calls but that's what I get for buying refurbished and not straight from MS and being too lazy to make a warranty claim or return. But that's an individual hardware problem.
  • I once got ridiculously drunk in Fresno when I visited the States. I have no memories of anything but shots, pitchers of Bud and ripping the beize on a pool table. Certainly no AT&T stores.
  • This really shows lack of commitment on MS part for support for WM . These phones are released to satisfy core WM fans who don't miss that many apps ..
  • Or maybe it's more related to MS wanting to have a firm release date versus making an announcement only to have the date changed for xyz...
  • Just release the damn phones everywhere.. Same old Microsoft shit. A year later.
  • Its great that office is still one of the selling points of this device, but MS should really work on polishing their mobile apps for their own OS. There are still some missing features on the mobile app that are present in iOS and Android. That said, I use the mobile versions of office more. They 'feel' faster and easier to use.
  • Can you tel me what MS APP features are missing that are available on ios or iphone.
  • the ruler bar where you can adjust margins. Its missing from the desktop version of the mobile app. don't get me wrong. The mobile apps are great. i use them more then the desktop version.
  • Its great that office is still one of the selling points of this device, but MS should really work on polishing their mobile apps for their own OS. There are still some missing features on the mobile app that are present in iOS and Android. That said, I use the mobile versions of office more. They 'feel' faster and easier to use.
  • I live in that area!
  • Sorry to hear that!
  • So, why do they have the 950 on their website as coming soon? That's an announcement to me. But they do not have the 950XL. It may come, but for now there's nothing confirmed.
    Edit: Now this is odd. Here's how the phone is partly described:
    "•Enjoy a familiar Windows experience across your devices. Store your files, photos, and apps in the cloud with 15GB of free storage on OneDrive™.*". LOL!!! :D
  • That is funny. Likely the signage was complete before the announcement. Could definitely be considered false advertising or bait n switch at this point tho.
  • Store apps in the cloud??
    Interesting... but why would anyone do that other than to burn their data allowance lol.
  • We inch closer and closer with credit card at the ready....
  • The signage will be gone the day they go on sale
  • Lame signage: A celebratory cake and the words "Office Anywhere"? That's a TERRIBLE advertisement!
  • My Lumia 920 glass is cracked - a year+ now - and will draw blood soon. Waiting for that 950XL! WHERE IS IT MICROSOFT?!!! WHERE?!!!!!!!
  • I'm with ya. My 1020 earpiece has gone quiet and I can barely hear out of it, the USB connector is flaky and it often won't wake up, just a backlit black screen. The 1020 has been a great phone but the 950XL is callin' my name!
  • You could have easily changed the screen and digitizer you know...
  • Cost money obvi. Hes making do
  • I'm keeping my cracked L920 for dramatic effect. Even got a hashtag ready to go when I lay it to rest.
  • OMFC!
  • I hope the people in the stores actually try selling a windows phone. Not , oh we have those I think, but have you seen the new IPhone?.. That crap has to stop!!
  • Many reps I work with are not impresses with the new iPhone.
    I can say that in our location (which has the highest devices movement in a 5 state area) our sales numbers for the new I thing have been substantially lower than all other years.
    It's android (Samsung specifically) that is really the best selling device manufacturer out there.
  • Regardless, that banner will be sun-rotted and covered in dust by the time it's actually released. I couldn't wait any longer, so I grabbed a 6s last month. I'll probably have a 7 before the 950 is in the wild. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Ya, but the phone is suppose to be for wp fans, not for a ordinary samsung users. A real fan has peasant. And does not walk away when it takes a view weeks longer.
  • This is a Samsung tablet, but the 6s is an iphone. My lumina 640 is now an mp3 player/WiFi device. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • An at&t employee, who does merchandizing for retail I can confirm one thing, and clarify another:
    First, there was signage posted with this weeks holiday refresh that displays the 950.
    Second, we release devices to the public 99% of the time on Fridays. That said, we just launched 4 devices, so it MAY launch in two weeks. I cannot stress the word MAY strongly enough - as its not up to at&t.
    Lastly, the 950XL has not been made available to carriers yet, not at&t, not anyone. The only place you can get one is from the MS store at this point. This may change, but like I said above... I for one am looking forward to this device, but like many here, would rather put my $ towards the XL.
  • Why is it so important to get your phone at the carrier, if you simple can buy it at MS. sorry I am not a Amerika.
  • It's not that easy to just come up with $600+ dollars for a lot of people. I know it isn't for me. Getting it through AT&T makes a lot of sense for some people, myself included. If MS offered financing options, I'd be there in a heartbeat.
  • Many manufactured have payment options if you buy directly from them. Microsoft is still behind. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The payment option is a carrier wide option because here in the states we started with basic 2g devices for darn near free, and trained the American populous that this is the gold standard. Now that the available devices are portable computers that fit in our pockets, the ability to offer them at an affordable price, or buy them out right, is a rather new concept.
  • Oh, and just how is MS behind in this? The devices aren't available because the OS isn't ready. Would you rather they put out a finished device with the old OS, or a new device with a halfbaked OS (like Apple), and just hope that folks upgrade (like Android)? How about this: If you can't afford it, don't friggen buy it. Work hard, work smart, and save you $. Insted of pointing the finger at the manufacturer, expecting to bow you your inadequacy.
  • They don't offer a payment plan like other manufacturers. With carriers moving away from contracts and device subsidies, the manufacturers have a chance to move in with payment plans of there own. This also gets the carrier out of your phone. Why pay up front when Motorola offers 0% financing even if you have the money? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • +1520
  • I'm due for for an upgrade and as much as I'd love to have a 950, I want even more to have a 950 XL. I'm gonna wait a while for them to, hopefully, announce that they're carrying the 950 XL. Until then,my 1520 will have to do. I just wish I could figure out why the hell I can't get W10 Mobile to run on it, even though it runs fine on my Lumia 920.
  • I'm due for an upgrade, and in looking at everything that is out there it seems Microsoft is waaay behind. Point in case, look at the new LG V10, good lord that is everything that this 950XL should be and everything we have been wanting plus a free 200GB SD card! Wtf! Microsoft needs to step up big time.
  • Will updates be pushed straight to the phone or will it be another waiting game for at&t's approval?
  • Well that IS exciting.
  • When I'm in a AT&T store and I say to the sales person I have a Windows phone and love it, the employee says I'm the first person to ever say that to them.
  • My girl traded in her Lumia 1520 for the new iPhone and the sales person said she has never seen that phone and she has been working for att for 2 years! Smh
  • Same for me they ask me why ???? Just sell me the phone I asked for
  • Windows Phones have the highest return rates in retail. So in fact it's not wise for an employee to just hand you over the phone if there is a huge chance you'll give it back in two days. Costs the company just too much.
  • Where it at, near the bathroom or exit? I'm sure it's not where it will attract buyers and even if it is, it doesn't matter because the sales staff won't push it anyway. Microsoft needs to lease space in cell stores putting their own staff in them to push windows phone. Kinda like the have space in best buy with the difference of having their own people in them to market the phones.
  • There is a reason they don't push Windows phones. It is a risk. What are the chances the average buyer is going to be happy with a device that doesn't have access to the popular apps and services? Are they going to understand why they don't have the newest game or Snapchat? Why take that chance when there are nicer devices available that do not have any risk. You can almost be guaranteed they will be happy with the iPhone or Galaxy. You would not be pushing Windows phone for long if you were a salesman. It makes you look bad when they get returned. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you just enjoy posting negativity? Posted from this here device.
  • @OMG55
    No, actually, it's right where the other windows devices are- front facing the door, next to the iPhone display. There is even a community table that displays the Surface and 640 together. What MS really NEEDS TO DO is get a better advertising regimen in place. People need to see that their product has the same advantages (if not more) then the competition.
  • That's BS! Snapchat is almost literally the only top 50 app that doesn't exist, or have a compatible substitute. And with W10M on the horizon, it's no excuse anymore. I've personally "converted" a third of a 20 person sales force to windows devices - and now they understand just how solid and compatible they really are. So drop the "there's not enough apps" baloney.
  • I see many folks bellyaching about the lack of a solid date from MS, or carriers. How many of you are actively participating in the beta? How many of you are Insiders? I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that very few of those whining about this are actually part of the solution.
    Maybe some reading through the other part of this site would help you understand that MS is working quite hard on getting this OS and new devices to market. So either help them, or put a lid on it.