Attending Mobius This Week!

The posting schedule here at WMExperts may be a little topsy-turvy this week, fyi. I'll be attending the “Mobius” conference in Amsterdam. What's that? Well here's the blurb from their site:

A group devoted to following and reporting on topics and news related to mobile devices and consumer electronics.

...Which is code for:

People who know more about mobility and smartphones than I do deigning to grace me with their company.

Seriously, I'm excited: I am a former grad student in English so I love me a good academic conference. Replace “post-post-modern theory of the archive” with “Windows Mobile Smartphones” but keep the same basic format of “put interesting people from disparate places into the same room and let 'em talk about it” and, well, it pretty much is a setup designed to hit all of my buttons. (Full Disclosure: Microsoft is paying for a healthy portion of the trip).

Anyhow, friend-of-the-site-despite-the-fact-that-he's-a-dirty-iPhone-user Mike of Phone different has agreed to help chip in with news postings as has our incredible cadre of writers, HobbesIsReal, Malatesta, and Merlyn3D. So fret not - we'll still have the news (and some insights from Mobius) this week.

WC Staff