This 10-port Aukey charging hub is an essential for the tech fanatic

That's not a mistake. This charging hub from Aukey will let you plug ten of your USB-powered chargables in at the same time and juice every one of them up. I've used a five-port hub for some time now, but I had to check out this thing.

I also struggled to find enough things that I wanted to charge with it. Overkill? Maybe, but you'll never be wanting for a free USB port the next time the battery on, well, anything runs low.

Better than just being 10 USB ports and everything charging slowly, however, is that there are two Quick Charge 3.0 sockets on this hub. They're easy enough to spot since they're orange-colored compared to the other eight green ports.

Those two Quick Charge ports will dump juice at a high rate into compatible devices, and since Quick Charge 3.0 devices are kind of rare, the orange ports are also compatible with the wide range of Quick Charge 2.0 devices. The remaining eight ports (and the two Quick Charge ones, actually) are equipped with Aukey's AiPower tech, which intelligently delivers up to 2.4A of charge, depending on what your connected device can take.

The Aukey 10-port USB charger is a remarkably small box considering just how much you're going to plug into it. It takes a regular figure-8 style adapter, but as this is purely a charging box, there's no USB data port to connect to your PC (which I honestly don't miss). In total you're going to be getting 70W delivered across all ports when you're using them all together.

It's worth noting that 70W is not enough to provide full power to all 10 ports at once — Watts = Volts × Amps, and with standard USB running at 5V that leaves 1.4A per each of the 10 ports — which isn't blistering fast, but will still charge things up. But then again, how often do you really need to charge ten high-power devices as quickly as possible all at once? This electrical beast is more about convenience of charging than anything.

And that's about all there is to say. Chargers aren't the most glamorous pieces of technology but they're absolutely critical in our enjoyment of it. After all, a phone or tablet or even something like a camera isn't any fun if it's got no battery, is it? With this fantastic little box from Aukey you can keep all your favorite tech juiced up for when you need it.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I really enjoy Aukey products. This is going on my to buy list as I have lots of USB devices that need to be charged and the way my house it setup half the plugs are setup with the lightswitch, so they only work when the lights on, I hate it, but this will solve my issue real quick.
  • No good. How will you charge a Nokia feature or dumb phone?
  • It is backwards compatible.
  • Is electricity forward compatible?
  • Man that Aukey stuff is quality, so annoying that none of it ever ships to Oz (Australia).  :-(
  • Aukey and Mozo always win my heart ! 🙂
  • Nice. There's four of us in the house with phones (but all charge wirelessly too) plus a couple of Garmins and a handful of bike lights that charge via USB. 10 might be overkill, but not by much. My only complaint is that they dont make them all quick charge compatible. Give it a beefier power supply to handle it.
  • Cool! Though I was hoping this was a USB 3.0/3.1 data hub so I could do a RAID array with USB sticks. :)
  • One thing that I think is missing is an on/off switch for each port. I have this on my USB hub and it's awesome - I can just turn off the port whenever I went to and don't have to unplug the device(s.)
  • Perfect gift for a friend who's always running out of power outlets for his friends' and family's phones at his generator run camp.
  • I am installing one of these on my desk. two way tape under the desk so that its just tucked away, and the cables up around to charge our phones, tablets, etc. Very cool device for people and families like us who have ALOT of digital toys.
  • Go one step further. Use a router and jigsaw to set it in the desk.
  • I own one and it's probably the fastest charger in my home. Crazy good. Pity it doesn't support USB-PD, but that's a minor issue as only Pixels use that standard.