Check out these awesome Microsoft Band wallpapers

Although the Microsoft Band is a rather tricky device to track down – even in the US – we all know someday, it is likely to get a wide-release. In the meantime, you may want to keep abreast of this thread in our fantastic Microsoft Band forums: Band Wallpapers!

The Microsoft Band does not officially support adding external wallpapers to the activity tracker, but a clever third-party app called Pimp My Band lets you do it anyway (Store link below). You can add photos, graphics, or whatever you want. However, not all images are created equal, and some look better than others.

Microsoft Band wallpapers

This app is why members of our forums have taken to sharing their own creations. Just scrolling through, and you can find quite a few wallpapers that look great on any Band.

Of course, the amount of wallpapers available now is limited, but if you have some graphic skills and a Microsoft Band, feel free to share your 310x102 creations. I can guarantee that someone appreciates it!

Microsoft Band Forums: Band Wallpapers!

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  • Oh my god the stretchingggggg. For the love of god if you are making things like this, keep the original aspect ratio of the original image! :(
  • This, a hundred million times.
  • The three on the right are my creation. The aspect ration of the layers are from their original graphics. I simply set a .psd with the 310x102 size. I then adjust the image size with a locked aspect.
  • 3 on the left are me. I dont do graphics stuff at all, i just took the picutres and resized them with paint to the dimensions. Didnt touch anything else. Work for me well enough. Feel free to contribute. More is more better.
  • Have you tried using It's a nice, free program that has features like PhotoShop (not as robust) and was born out of a student project to replace the native Paint program.
  • I use   web based!
  • I just have a cute picture of my girl and me, it's a nice little "feature".
  • Honestly, I find that the app is good at making any picture into a wallpaper. I put no effort into mine and it looks great.
  • Totally agree.
  • cool.
  • so out of all the things that band can do, THIS is what MSFT forgot.
  • Compared to a smartphone or PC, the amount of time you look at the wallpaper of the Band is tiny. I keep watch mode on my Band and so I only see the wallpaper maybe once or twice per day. I would imagine if got a low priority from Microsoft. That being said, Microsoft should just pay this app developer off and implement the code into the Health app so it is native.
  • That would be awesome.
  • And this it only the beginning, Microsoft Band the best by far....
  • I wouldn't know. I can't seem to find one to buy.
  • Same here. Returned my Fitbit because the second replacement bit the dust, got a refund, and got $100 for Christmas, so I plan to get one whenever I can this coming year.
  • Anyone want the band I'll buy them for y'all at my local store (they get shipments all the time). Just pay full retail price, tax and shipping to your country (USPS Priority). You must cover all PayPal fees and I ask for a $25 convenience fee to get the band, package and ship it to you (much cheaper than eBay). I want to help anyone to can't get their hands on these, I love my band. Send me an email (dorin @ or PM if interested. Let me know what size you want.
  • It's like rubbing salt into my wounds. Microsoft hurry up! LOL!!! Peace...
  • I got my band yesterday. I was randomly at the MS popup store in NYC buying my mother a 635 and saw someone buying a band. I bought it right on the spot. Merry Christmas to me indeed
  • Congratulations and a Merry Christmas :D
  • How much is Microsoft Band again? I think I kinda want one :p.
  • thanks but i can't set them as my band wallpaper because i don't have band at all hahahahaha
  • That's cool app I like it
  • I want one!!!!!
  • this my L1520's background AND my bands background as well. I scrolled to the top of the flag to select the bands background so the blue field with stars is in the bands window.
  • Just FYI everyone, i know the band is so hard to find and its out of stock online and in stores. But i just tried my luck yesterday by calling Microsoft Store here in Charlotte, NC which opened 2 months back and to my surprise they had the band in stock for all sizes. I immediately rushed to the store bought one (lucky me). They still got a few units left, so if anyone desperately wants it contact me seperately and probably i could help by buying and shipping.
  • LOL.  For a device that nobody can actually buy.  Just great.
  • Bought my Microsoft Band from my boss this morning and promply bought Pimp My Band. Best MSRP $200 spent since the launch of the Dreamcast! Loving the Band so far. Bought an extra charging cable from and a 6 pack of skinomi screen protectors for $9.90 shipped from
  • meanwhile i have the S.H.I.E.L.D. Logo as my background
  • My msband, sporting a gelaskin/nuvango motherboard skin. The same skin as I use on my nl1020 & nl920
  • On a whim I went to the Microsoft store just to see if they had the band in stock.  They just got a shipment in yesterday and they only had one left this morning.  It was a small but luckily my wrists are small for a guy and the nice girl helping me wore a small and let me try it on.  Only had it a couple hours now and I love it!  I never thought I'd be a fan of a "wearable".
  • Meh
  • How do you change the wallpaper (not the default set - but pick from my own collection) on Android phone ?   I kow Windows Phone has the Pimp my Band app. Anything similar on Android ?