How to rack up the most points with the assault class in Battlefield 1

The assault class in Battlefield 1 is suited for players who like to confront the enemy up close. They have the best gadgets for taking out tanks and other vehicles and are the only class that can use shotguns. Ready to focus on getting kills rather than reviving friends or handing out ammo? Here's how to do your best while playing as the assault class in Battlefield 1.

Assault basics

There are some general tips to follow to maximize your potential when playing as the assault class.

Be disposable

Your place on the battlefield is at the front line. When you're playing as the assault class, expect to die a lot while you try to cap objectives, disable armor, and kill enemy infantry. Don't make your medic friend rush into a building first — if they die, you're going to miss out on a revive. Volunteer to take the lead whenever possible. You'll get more points, both as an individual and as a squad.

Wait for a revive

When you go down, you might be tempted to skip the revive process so that you can get right back out onto the battlefield. Try waiting for the full extent of the revive process — a medic will most likely come along before you skip back to the menu, and you will have saved your team a reinforcement ticket. These tickets add up across a large team, and saving one here and there can make a big difference at the end.

Don't ignore armor

The assault class is expected to deal with armor! Sure, other classes can help out, but you are the only ones with anti-tank mines and heavy anti-tank grenades. When armor comes rolling onto the battlefield, finish up whatever you're currently working on before coming up with a strategy to take it out. Your team will love you if you remove armor, as even one tank can seriously tilt a battle if it goes ignored for too long.

Take your time

Just because you're disposable and have a powerful shotgun in your hands doesn't mean you can't play smart. Taking the lead when entering an objective's area can be done strategically to best prolong your expendable life — use your gadgets to flush out any entrenched enemies, and be sure to check your corners when entering a new building.

Change the magnification on your weapon

The iron sights on guns in Battlefield 1 have a few magnification options. While it's not the same as looking down a red-dot sight, if you're having problems hitting enemies who are a decent distance away, you can add magnification. There aren't any optics involved; the number represents how zoomed in your view becomes when you aim down the sights.

When playing as the assault class, it's never a bad idea to lower the magnification as low as it can go. This gives you way better peripheral vision. You'll probably be mostly dealing with close-quarters combat, and you'll be able to identify your next target way easier.

Ideal loadouts

Here are some great loadouts based on how you like to play the assault class in Battlefield 1.


One of the most frustrating things in Battlefield is trying to fight through gas. The gas mask you're forced to wear doesn't let you aim down the sights of your gun, and visibility is limited. The premise of this playstyle is simple — you toss your gas grenades, you get a few squad members to toss their gas grenades, and you go rushing in with your gas mask and shotgun. Because you don't need iron sights or much range, the shotgun is very effective. Try this tactic when flushing out heavily contested bunkers or houses.

Primary: Model 10-A Hunter. This is arguably the best shotgun in the game — maximum damage, great hip-fire control, and good accuracy.

Sidearm: The P08 pistol holds nine rounds and does decent damage. For more stopping power, go with the Gasser M1870.

Gadgets: Anti-tank grenades and dynamite let you do the most damage at close range.

Grenade: Gas grenades are your best friend here.

Melee: Take whatever you're most comfortable with — you'll be using it often.

Tank buster

The assault class is relied on heavily to take out armor when it comes rumbling onto the battlefield. A good squad should have a medic and support class feeding you health and ammo while you fire explosives and set traps. Here's a great loadout for taking out enemy armor as quickly as possible.

Primary: Whatever you're comfortable with. The MP 18 and the Model 10-A are both great choices.

Sidearm: Again, whatever you're comfortable with. You're going to need some up-close firepower when the tank crew comes pouring out.

Gadgets: Use the AT rocket gun and anti-tank grenades. If you like setting traps, swap out the grenades for anti-tank mines.

Grenade: Why not add a light anti-tank grenade to the mix? If you really want to frustrate the driver, take a smoke grenade and pop it next to the tank.

Melee: Whatever you want.

Front-line infantry

The assault class is the most expendable class on the battlefield — consider yourself like the pawns in a game of chess. Yes, you're valuable, but you're expected to die for a greater cause. Playing with this loadout will see you get plenty of points as you capture objectives and move your team toward victory.

Primary: The MP 18 is the gun the assault class starts with, and it's also arguably the best weapon available. Use it for its excellent hip-fire accuracy.

Sidearm: Take whatever you're most comfortable with.

Gadgets: Take the anti-tank grenades and dynamite.

Grenade: Incendiary or frag grenades will be your best bet.

Melee: Take something that's fast. You're going to want to move from enemy to enemy as fast as you can.

How do you play?

For an even better Battlefield experience, don't forget to have a look at our multiplayer tips!

Do you love the assault class? What's your favorite loadout and playstyle? Tell us in the comments section below!

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