Battlefield V may feature Battlefield 1942 map remakes

Earlier this month, Electronic Arts unveiled Battlefield V, the upcoming next entry to its flagship first-person shooter series. While the latest title shifts its focus to the Second World War, it marks the return of War Stories, Operations and other beloved features of 2016's Battlefield 1. Despite being a time-worn era, Battlefield V appears to be delivering a fresh angle on the conflict.

With its reveal event establishing a tone for Battlefield V, little information has surfaced on its multiplayer mode. Nevertheless, returning to a well-explored period for the franchise, an opportunity lies ahead for its developer to offer throwbacks to its roots.

Speaking on Twitter (via GameDebate), Executive Producer at DICE, Aleksander Grøndal, hinted that Battlefield 1942 maps could be returning for Battlefield V. While not confirming the existence of remakes, his cryptic response is promising.

This wouldn't be the first time Battlefield 1942's multiplayer maps have been revived – "Wake Island" has seen multiple revisions across modern Battlefield games. Returning to the era offers a compelling opportunity to capitalize on nostalgia, with an additional flair of Battlefield V's reworked gameplay. With 22 maps under the base game and 37 accounting for expansions, there's a strong library of untapped environments available.

Battlefield 1942's Wake Island returned across several titles, including Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 1942's Wake Island returned across several titles, including Battlefield 3.

Battlefield V is on track for an October 19 release, with its EA Access trial commencing on October 11. The game also offers Xbox One X enhancements, including support for 4K resolution, HDR, and VRR.

Which Battlefield 1942 maps would you like to see return for Battlefield V? Drop into the comments section below with your top picks.

Matt Brown

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