Surface Go

Small Surface's aren't a totally new part of Microsoft's hardware family but after a bit of an absence, they're back with the Surface Go.

And what better way to get the most from your new baby Surface than with some tip-top accessories. There will be more great accessories available after the Surface Go officially goes on sale, but for now, you can already start to order some of these great items.

Surface Go Type Cover

Type Cover

You don't have to use a keyboard with the Surface Go, but if you attach the optional Type Cover what you get is a full, highly portable Windows 10 laptop. It's exactly the same deal as the larger Surface Pro Type Cover, but sized for the Go.

That means a full QWERTY keyboard with backlit keys and a glass trackpad built for precision. It's available in Alcantara, too, if you wish in three colors or the regular black model. Prices start at $99.99 which is for the normal black keyboard, with Alcantara options costing $30 more.

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It'll also protect the screen of your Surface Go when you're not typing. Which is extra important if you're tossing it in a bag.

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Surface Pen

Surface Pen

The latest Surface Pen costs $100 and is an essential accessory for any Surface device. Even if you're not exactly Picasso, Windows Ink really comes into its own on a small, portable device like the Surface Go. It's a great note taking tool.

With 4,096 levels of sensitivity and low latency, it feels like you're using real paper and real ink. The eraser doubles as a button, which can be used to launch your favorite apps. This pen is also compatible with the other Surface devices, so buy once, use everywhere.

It's also available in four colors.

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Surface Mobile Mouse

Surface Mobile Mouse

Available in three colors to match the available keyboards and pens, the Mobile Mouse is low-profile and wireless so it's compact enough to toss in your bag and add almost no extra bulk alongside your Surface Go.

It supports Bluetooth 4.2, has a 10-meter range and a battery life up to 12 months from a single pair of AAA batteries. Its sculpted design and smooth scroll wheel promote comfort in use and at just $35

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Sinstar USB-C hub

Sinstar USB-C hub

Thank the heavens, the Surface Go comes with a USB-C port. Which means you can use a great hub like this. The Sinstar USB-C hub is a premium accessory and you'll need to part with some cash for the privilege, since it costs around $70.

It does provide some serious connectivity, though, with three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Ethernet, SD, microSD, and USB Type-C. You could hook up a wide collection of devices, including a monitor and even wired internet.

It's also small enough to pack away in your bag and take wherever you go.

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Waterfield Surface Sleeve

Surface Sleeve

Waterfield Designs make some great looking, highly durable bags and cases for many devices, and the Surface Go joins the already well supported Surface lineup. Your Surface Go will be protected by soft and cushioning neoprene, with either a ballistic nylon or waxed canvas shell.

It's also got a commodious rear pocket for your non-digital paperwork and a pen loop, so you never misplace your Surface Pen. Throw in some customizable options like having it horizontally or vertically oriented and whether you want a shoulder strap or not, and you'll have the perfect case for you.

Prices start at $69.

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